When we first started writing about Solana, it is was trading for around $3.50 a token. At that time, making a Solana crypto price prediction didn’t make sense yet. After all, it was pretty new back then. But still, we liked what we saw. The foundational blockchain behind Solana crypto looked strong then. And it looks even stronger now.

At the time, Solana was still very much a speculative investment. But speculators who took the chance have seen a huge increase in value of Solana crypto. And this comes despite a dropoff at the end of 2021. However, the next several months or so could be just as interesting.

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What caught our attention was the three-point plan to revolutionize the way crypto transactions work. At the time, there were a swath of “to-the-moon” rug pulls and scam coins that seemed to be getting released every week. In fact, some estimates suggest that DeFi (decentralized finance) rug pulls and exit scams make up 99% of all fraud in the crypto markets.

But Solana crypto came to the table with a plan. It didn’t just promise to reward investors. The company started making good on its plan. It also happens to be rewarding investors in the process. That’s why we’re so bullish on this relatively new crypto. And we’re not the only ones. Trading volume has been way up on Solana crypto since it skied to upwards of $250 in the fall of 2021.

Naturally, as exposure grows, there will be ups and downs in line with the greater crypto markets. But it’s a lot easier to make an educated guess about a Solana crypto price prediction now… since it appears it’s just starting to warm up.

Succeeding Where Others Fall Short

Solana crypto’s founder famously published a white paper draft that laid out a new timekeeping technique called Proof of History (PoH). This proposal was developed to fix one of the major limitations cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum faced in terms of scalability. You see, the time that’s required to reach a consensus on transactions was largely seen as a major drawback. But PoH was a way to automate that whole process… And it could act as a crucial element that would allow crypto networks to scale beyond their previous capabilities.

The white paper generated a lot of attention. It wasn’t long before Solana Labs formed. And it began recruiting engineers from the likes of Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Within a couple of years, the team had raised $20 million to fund its new crypto network. And less than a year later, Solana crypto was launched.

In the process, the core team behind Solana has proven the success of the PoH model. The records (or “blocks”) for most cryptos are limited in size and frequency. And that can dramatically slow down transaction times. The PoH model fixes this problem. But the Solana network also uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, which helps keep the network secure.

Solana crypto is also currently exploring ways to reduce transaction fees. When these fees were first introduced, they were a means to keep bad actors from overloading crypto networks. But the speed of the PoH model largely reduces this problem. That makes it cheaper to transfer coins from one wallet to another.

And lastly, Solana crypto excels at avoiding confirmation delays… This just means it won’t take as long for deposits to be processed. In fact, Solana has proven to be able to process 50,000 transactions per second, with a transaction fee of just $0.00001. Not too shabby compared to other tokens.

A Solana Crypto Price Prediction: Why It Still Has Plenty of Upside

Despite the wild moves in value and the technical breakthroughs, it’s important to keep in mind one important detail: The Solana crypto network is no longer in its beta stage. Investors now have access to staking rewards – which seems to be the norm these days. But that’s why a Solana crypto price prediction is so hard to pin down.

The upgrade is now live, and it’s anybody’s guess as to how high Solana crypto can go. But it’s certainly not out of the question that it could reach a triple-digit valuation by the end of the year… especially if it stays on its current production timetable and volatility dies down.

Solana has already shaken up the crypto community. And now that more investors are sitting up and taking note, we’ve got a pretty good feeling that Solana’s future is bright. It set out to revolutionize the way crypto transactions take place. We’re seeing it do that in real time now. In the process, it’s making a whole lot of people’s crypto wallets feel a little bulkier these days, with even more to come.

The Bottom Line on the Solana Crypto Price Prediction

Part of what makes the crypto markets so fascinating is that they’re driven by innovation. Another part is that they’re knocked back down by headlines. Crypto expert Andy Snyder has long described crypto as the very definition of a headline-driven market. And it’s true. A tweet from the right person can send the value of a token skyward in a moment’s notice. But Solana isn’t some meme-based token. It’s built on a solid foundation. Don’t expect to see a TITAN-type situation here.

This makes a Solana crypto price prediction a lot easier to make. We don’t expect to see Elon Musk or Mark Cuban making statements about it. But we do expect Solana crypto and the network it’s built on to continue down its path of innovation. So as long as the crypto markets stay relatively healthy, Solana should continue its upward trajectory well past the $100 mark. And in a matter of a few years, if it does indeed become one of the standard cryptos – as we think it could – it should be worth a whole lot more than that.