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Investment Opportunities

Graphene Stocks to Invest In

Investing in graphene stocks is an interesting investment opportunity simply because it has so many uses. It’s a bit like investing in steel, but graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and 1,000 times lighter than paper. As a result, graphene is something of a wonder material that can be used in many ways, such as in anti-corrosion coating, flexible displays, solar panels and even DNA sequencing.

Of course, you might wonder why graphene isn’t everywhere if it’s such an amazing material. In the past, that has mostly been for one big reason: cost. Using traditional manufacturing methods, graphene could cost as much as $200,000 per ton to produce.

However, things are changing all the time, and researchers at Rice University have been developing a way to produce graphene from trash. Yes, banana peels, coffee grounds, you name it. As production costs fall, graphene could become the material of the future, meaning there is a lot of opportunity for investors.

If you believe graphene is the next big thing and want to invest now, here are the best graphene stocks to buy:

  • Applied Graphene Materials (OTC: APGMF)
  • Haydale Graphene Industries (OTC: HDGHF)
  • Aixtron (OTC: AIXXF)
  • First Graphene (OTC: FGPHF)
  • Versarien (OTC: VRSRF)

Graphene stocks to invest in.

Best Graphene Stocks to Buy

You may have noticed that all of our graphene stocks are over-the-counter (OTC). This means they may be speculative and less regulated. However, they are some of the best graphene stocks to buy right now.

No. 5 Applied Graphene Materials

As its name suggests, AGM specializes in graphene production, specifically in the application of graphene nanoplatelet dispersions. Graphene dispersion delivers graphene particles in a liquid material that creates a stable and consistent compound. AGM also produces graphene paints that are less prone to corrosion.

AGM stock (APGMF) is currently trading at a third of the price of its most recent high when it sold for $1.09 per share in January 2021. With a market cap of $21.4 million, AGM is a small company; it had 30 employees as of 2021. While it is not profitable at the moment, its revenue is up 69% year-over-year (YOY). And this graphene stock has increased its cash reserve by more than 700%. It could see modest growth in its share price over the next year.

No. 4 Haydale Graphene Industries

UK-based Haydale Graphene Industries produces silicon carbide, graphene and composite solutions for the energy and infrastructure sectors. It aims to extend the lifecycle of assets with its products. It produces a variety of products, including composites, elastomers and silicon carbide whiskers.

Haydale (HDGHF) has a market cap of about $46 million. Its stock is also trading at a fraction of what it was a few years ago, but its share price has increased by around 30% since December 23, 2021. Its revenue has increased just slightly YOY, rising by 1.6%. However, investors should be wary of its net income, profit margin, and net change in cash. All of which were negative for Q2 2021.

No. 3 First Graphene

First Graphene is an Australian producer of graphene products, including PureGraph. These products are high-performing additives with a wide range of uses, including plastics, composites, rubbers and elastomers, cement and concrete and inks and coatings. Sectors that can benefit from its products include mining services, leisure equipment, textiles, automotive and construction.

First Graphene’s market cap is $82 million. And its shares are trading about 50% below their January 2021 high. Although the company is not yet profitable, it has increased its revenue 20.5% YOY. Still, its net income for Q2 2021 was -$2.12 million AUD. This is more than twice the loss in income it had for Q4 2020. For now, we’ll keep an eye on First Graphene stock and see if it improves. This could be a stock to add to your list of graphene stocks to buy.

Graphene Stocks to Buy No. 2 Aixtron

Founded in 1983, Aixtron is one of the oldest companies on this list of graphene stocks. Its core business is in manufacturing metalorganic chemical vapor deposition equipment for clients in the semiconductor industry. However, its capabilities also allow it to integrate graphene and 2D materials into semiconductor devices. As an “old” company, at least in this space, some investors see Aixtron as a safer bet than pure graphene producers.

Despite this, AIXXF is trading below its August 2021 high in keeping with the other stocks on this list. It has fallen from about $30 per share to about $20 per share since August. However, Aixtron is worth $2.3 billion and its stock pays a 0.64% dividend. Plus, most of its fundamentals are in the green, including a 104% YOY increase in revenue and a 331% increase in net income. Plus, it has a 24% profit margin. As a result, its share price could see a significant bump over the next 12 months.

Graphene Stocks to Buy No. 1 Versarien

Versarien is an advanced engineering materials group that leverages proprietary technology. It has nine different subsidiaries. Two of which include Versarien Graphene Limited and Cambridge Graphene Limited. The former is Versarien’s dedicated graphene manufacturing business. And its Cambridge subsidiary is a spin-off of Cambridge University. This subsidiary supplies novel graphene inks and develops graphene/2D materials technology and applications.

Despite having the appearance of a large company with all its subsidiaries, UK-based Versarien (VRSRF) has a market cap of just $75 million. Its stock is trading under 40 cents per share after reaching nearly $1 at the beginning of 2021. While the company is currently not profitable, all of its fundamentals are in the green. Its revenue has increased more than 41% YOY. Its profit margin is up 48.5%. And its net income is up 27%. Look for this graphene stocks share price to improve along with its fundamentals.


Bob Haegele is a personal finance writer who specializes in investing and planning for retirement. His hefty student loan burden inspired him to pay off his loans, and now he’s helping others get their finances in order. When he’s not writing, he enjoys travel and live music.

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