One of the lesser-known casualties of the coronavirus crisis is physical gold.

You know, the type of stuff that you used to be able to buy from a coin dealer?

Physical gold is in such short supply today that paying $100 or $200 more per ounce than the spot price is not unusual (it’s usually a small fraction of that).

But refiners are currently having trouble getting the metal… if they are even operating. Mines have shut down due to government mandates, as well as to protect workers from the virus. Mints have closed – transport is affected. In other words, good luck trying to buy your favorite Gold Eagle or Maple Leaf today!

However, there is another way…

A good friend of mine and of The War Room, Michael Checkan, runs a company called Asset Strategies International. Michael’s company has been in business longer than I have known him, and our friendship spans over 25 years.

One of his company’s programs is called the Perth Mint Certificate, and it allows you to buy physical gold at just above spot price. It is then stored in a vault by the program.

The best part is that the Western Australian government backs the entire program. Australia is a major gold producer, and, as such, it needs buyers. It developed the program with the Perth Mint because it wanted to accomplish a couple of things…

  1. It wanted to compete against the Eagle in America, but head-to-head, it would lose because Americans buy American products.
  2. It was looking for a way to eliminate excessively high commercial leasing costs for inventory.

This is what the Perth Mint offers investors…

  • All precious metals are fully government guaranteed by the Western Australian state government
  • No fabrication or storage fees for unallocated gold, silver and platinum
  • 100% physical backing under the Perth Mint’s control at all times
  • No leasing of precious metals to third parties
  • No use of precious metals as backing for derivatives
  • 100% insurance at all times, at current market, at the Perth Mint’s expense
  • Stable pricing – cost has gone up only once by 0.25% since inception in 1997
  • 2.25% to buy
  • 1.25% to sell
  • Regardless of value, certificates can be replaced (if lost or stolen) for $50
  • IRA eligible
  • You can take delivery
  • Asset Strategies International helped develop the program nearly a quarter-century ago
  • The Oxford Club (my old employer) was the first to hear about it back then (and if you’re an Oxford Club Member, you’ve probably heard of the Perth Mint before)
  • The Perth Mint has more than $5 billion in precious metals under its control.

Action Plan: As you can see, the program is pretty much a no-brainer for those of you looking to own gold and have the ability to buy it, sell it, store it and also take delivery of it.

If you like what you see, give the folks at ASI a call at 800.831.0007 to create an account and purchase Perth Mint Certificates. Make sure you mention Trade of the Day when you call in, for some VIP treatment. They will help you get some physical gold under your belt at prices just over spot… while everyone else is paying through the nose!

And as always, ask A LOT of questions!