The most active penny stocks usually come from those markets which have plenty of room to grow. That includes newer markets, or ones that are constantly growing and are necessary. A couple examples are technology and medical.

Below, I’ve picked out some of the most active penny stocks to buy. These stocks have good market potential, have been running upward recently, and will be up again.

But first, a caution for penny stocks: Penny stocks are very volatile. Volatility is the single factor that can make you lots of money in a short amount of time. This is also what can make the value of your holdings go down very fast.

And if you take your investment out when it’s down, it will be gone or significantly reduced.

Make sure you follow basic principles for investing. Buy low and sell high. Don’t let your emotions switch those two around. Have a plan before you buy in, and stick to it no matter what. (Ex: “I am going to buy and hold this stock for 3 years.”) Do your due diligence before buying.

Investing in the most active penny stocks could result in great returns.

Most Active Penny Stocks to Buy

No. 8 Paysafe Limited (NYSE: PSFE)

Paysafe offers secure payment solutions to businesses of all kinds. The company has several brands, including Skrill, Paysafecash and Neteller. Paysafe has solutions for digital wallets, online cash, and payment processing, among others.

It serves over a dozen industries, and targets small to medium businesses as well as enterprise. Plus, a variety of business types.

Paysafe’s market cap sits at just over $3 billion, so it’s an established company, but still has room to grow. The financial industry’s CAGR (Calculated Annual Growth Rate) is predicted to be 6% from 2021-2025. So, now could be a great time to buy and hold Paysafe for steady returns.

No. 7 Sundial Growers (Nasdaq: SNDL)

Sundial is a licensed cannabis producer out of Canada. It was founded in 2006, and is older than many cannabis companies. This is significant because 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years.

Sundial has a great marketing edge, focusing on health, happiness and personal well-being.

The company has over 400 employees, and manages over 400K square feet in Canada. Its primary focus is leading the way in the global cannabis industry, and it’s well-poised to do so.

Sundial is one of the most active penny stocks, and the marijuana industry is doing very well. Plus, it’s predicted to do well in the coming years.

No. 6 Ozop Energy Solutions (OTC: OZSC)

Ozop’s market cap sits at just $303 million. It has almost 30 years of industry experience, and works with the best organizations. The U.S. military, top auto companies and NASA are just a few of the organizations the company works with on a regular basis.

Ozop offers energy solutions for long-distance transport. Some of these solutions include batteries, charging stations, and solar grids. It also offers energy storage and chargers. The company even has high current chargers that will charge submarine batteries.

The energy solutions company is confident that the trillion-dollar bill passed will help expand the energy solutions sector. And this will open up many more opportunities for Ozop.

Ozop recently secured a contract with one of the leading aircraft companies for EV-powered flight. It’s one of the most active penny stocks because it’s so speculative and has been a constant performer.

No. 5 CBD Lifesciences, Inc. (OTC: CBDL)

CBD Lifesciences is in the cannabis industry. The company offers several different types of products, including CBD gummies, topical products and even CBD dog treats. It offers smoking products, tinctures and capsules.

LBC Bioscience is the subsidiary of CBD Lifesciences, and was founded in August of 2015. The company prides itself on the fact that its products are 100% organic with no THC.

CBD’s leadership looks like there’s some potential. The CEO and President has years of business experience, which she is bringing to the table with CBD Lifesciences. Since the company is only a few years old, it doesn’t have a robust leadership team. Therefore, it will definitely need to expand internally if it continues to grow.

CBD Lifesciences has lots of room to grow and has recently been one of the most active penny stocks on the market.

No. 4 Medican Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: MDCN)

Medican is a health sciences company that focuses on medical marijuana. Specifically, it focuses on the production, growth and wholesaling of such products. You can find the company headquarters in Las Vegas, NV.

With the cannabis industry’s CAGR of 32% from 2021-2028, Medican is in for a ride.

No. 3 Altamira Therapeutics Limited (Nasdaq: CYTO)

Altamira is a therapeutics company currently involved in RNA, allergy and viral infections. It also deals with inner ear problems.

The founder, Thomas Meyer, is still working as the CEO for Altamira. The Chief Scientific Officer has decades of experience as a professor of various human sciences.

Even the Chief Financial Officer has over 30 years of experience with accounting and finance in the biotech industry. Plus, he founded a Swiss health care company.

Altamira is a great choice when considering the most active penny stocks for your portfolio.

No. 2 Vaycaychella Inc. (OTC: VAYK)

Vaycaychella helps people build their own vacation rental businesses. The company does this by matching financing and business owners. Specifically, the employees work on finding people who are eager to build a vacation rental, real estate business and/or have the skills to do so.

There isn’t much information on Vaycaychella and their website for investors. But real estate and real estate-oriented business is usually a great option for those looking to make money.

Best, Most Active Penny Stocks to Buy: No. 1 Icon Media Holdings Inc. (OTC: ICNM)

Icon Media is another one of the most active penny stocks that’s a great choice for an investment.

In fact, it was created in 1998. It owns Spectrum Velocity, which is a company that focuses on providing Wi-fi services and tech. It also offers consulting services and other related services. Icon caters to many different markets, at home and abroad.

The company’s leadership looks great. Its Chief Tech Officer has experience as a Fortune 500 global leader. Moreover, the CEO has been working as an executive for Internet companies since the dawn of the Internet. The President and COO has been in the technology and engineering industries for many years. And even the Director of Operations has success running former businesses.

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The penny stocks above are some of the most active penny stocks on the market right now. And if you do your due diligence, you’ll find some great ones to invest in, hopefully resulting in great returns.