Finding money on the ground is fun. It is for me, at least. That’s why it’s so exciting to find penny stocks under $1. It’s a bit different from finding a penny on the ground, though.

Rather than taking the cent(s), you are giving a few meager pennies for one little worker called a share.

But, your small worker has the opportunity to grow into a big shot. By ‘big shot,’ I mean the price for a share has risen significantly. It has now become a stock that can join the multi-dollar club. If this happens, you’ll likely see big returns.

Quality penny stocks under $1 are hard to find. By quality, I mean they make you money and are a good return on your investment.

I’ve found some penny stocks under $1 that have good potential to grow your portfolio. They might turn those ‘small worker’ shares into big shot money.

I’ve listed them below…

chart of penny stocks under $1

Top 10 Penny Stocks

  1. Bonus Biogroup (OTC: BBIXF)
  2. Luxxfolio Holdings (OTC: LUXFF)
  3. ProMIS Neurosciences (OTC: ARFXF)
  4. Tekcapital PLC (OTC: TEKCF)
  5. Ceapro (OTC: CRPOF)
  6. Galaxy Next Generation (OTC: GAXY)
  7. Windfall Geotech (OTC: WINKF)
  8. Stealth Tech (OTC: STTH)
  9. Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding (Nasdaq: TNXP)
  10. Vista Gold (NYSE: VGZ)

Before we dive into each company, it’s important to consider the risk. The upside potential looks good but these might not work out for investors…

Penny stocks can see big price moves both up and down. Also, trading volume is often low. Buying and selling stocks under $1 can be more challenging. If you’re looking for safer investment opportunities, consider blue chip stocks.

Best Stocks Under $1

  1. Bonus Biogroup

Bonus is a neat company, and a winning idea. It’s a clinical-stage company that takes bone tissue samples.

What it does with those samples is what makes it unique. In the lab, it can grow a bone identical to the one it takes it from.

There are many bone deficiencies that this can take care of, and Bonus is on its way to address them. This helps make Bonus Biogroup one of the best penny stocks under $1.

The company is also in beginning trials for regrowing facial bones. Jaws in particular. This is huge for people who are born with a deformed face. It will can help those who are victim of a crime or accident resulting in facial injuries.

  1. Luxxfolio Holdings

If you’re into crypto mining, Luxxfolio is a good penny stock under $1. It mines crypto and has other ways to make money from the crypto they hold.

It offers its stock and is sort of like a REIT or an ETF. By that I mean it has these assets it collects. It becomes a portfolio it holds and makes money with. Then, you, the investor, can profit from buying the company’s stock.

The company’s built around individuals who don’t have a lot of upfront capital to invest in a mining operation. On top of that, Luxxfolio’s leadership is rock-solid. Each member of the team has a good history of success in their related field.

  1. ProMIS Neurosciences

ProMIS is tackling Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a biotech company still in the development stage. It takes on diseases that have to do with brain degeneration. These include Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

ProMIS leadership is impressive as well. This helps make it one of the best penny stocks under $1. Each person has many successes in their fields, backing up the team.

  1. Tekcapital PLC

Tekcapital is a company that uses the ideas of college students. It turns those ideas and research into real products. Tekcapital invests in university research and also offers invention services.

It holds companies like Salarius, which creates MicroSalt. MicroSalt is micron-sized salt that has the full flavor of regular salt. Excess sodium causes health issues for many Americans. With MicroSalt, you need less sodium to flavor your food.

Tekcapital also hold Guident, which aims to make autonomous vehicles safer. Another is LucyD. These are glasses that help you can make calls, listen to music and talk to your voice assistant. You can even get them in your prescription glasses.

  1. Ceapro

Ceapro headquarters in Canada. It isolates active ingredients from sources found in nature. It then applies them to cosmetic and medical uses. Finally, it focuses on commercializing these processes.

This is one of the best penny stocks under $1 and it has a leadership team with lots of success behind it. As this company continues to innovate and grow, it might reward shareholders well for years to come.

  1. Galaxy Next Generation

Galaxy Next Generation (or G2) specializes in technology for the classroom. It provides hardware like interactive panels. Also, software that will give alerts out to technology in a building.

It offers many other technologies that are adaptive to the customer’s needs. Its tech is adaptive to all sorts of other brands, like Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. This strategy makes it and interesting penny stock to buy.

  1. Windfall Geotech

Windfall Geotech uses AI to find out where natural resources are hiding under the ground. This technology is useful. It saves time, money and keeps unnecessary digging and drilling to a minimum. Unnecessary habitat destruction makes it attractive to green investors, too. Here are some green energy penny stocks as well.

Windfall operates in 12 countries and headquarters in Canada. This could be a wonderful penny stock under $1 if you like oil stocks but want to see some shorter-term rewards.

  1. Stealth Tech

Stealth researches and produces marketing and sales technology. It’s one of the best penny stocks under $1 and it caters to the health, technology and safety markets. Stealth is also a holding company.

The stock is low right now, so it might pay to watch it for a while to see if it starts lifting its head again. If it does, you might see some huge gains.

  1. Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding

Tonix is a biopharmaceutical company that provides solutions for various diseases and illnesses. It focuses on those that have to do with the nervous system and the immune system.

Tonix strives to help patients and give them hope. It does this by developing solutions to unmet needs in the health space.

Some of the illnesses it’s tackling are migraines, sleep deprivation and PTSD. Also, cancer and autoimmune disorders. So it’s a wide range of sickness. But that means it’s applicable in many areas. Thus, it has great potential for monetary gains.

  1. Vista Gold

Vista Gold is a gold mining company based in Canada. The company evaluates, acquires, explores and advances gold exploration and potential development projects. Vista primarily focuses on gold mining in Australia.

The company’s project includes Mt Todd gold project and Guadalupe de los Reyes gold or silver project. Other projects include non-core projects in Mexico and the United States. In addition, the company has royalty interests in projects in Indonesia.

Vista Gold’s Mt Todd project makes it an interesting prospect for investors. Mt Todd is the largest undeveloped gold project in Australia. If developed, the project could serve as one of Australia’s largest gold producers annually.

Penny Stocks Under $1 and New Opportunities

The money you find on the ground? You can keep it. Or you can put it into one of these penny stocks under $1. Then watch it hopefully grow.

Of course, do your homework before you make any investment. And know that penny stocks can just as easily go down as they can go up. They’re volatile by nature, and there’s a good chance you could lose your money.

But if you’re willing to do some due diligence and take on some risk, they can pay well.

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