The past couple of months have been downright lonely for many of us.

When was the last time you saw your grandchildren?

(No, FaceTime doesn’t count!)

How long has it been since you held them in your arms?

Sure, some restrictions are starting to lift… but the resurgence of COVID-19 cases is unignorable.

One thing is certain: The era of mandatory face masks and social distancing is far from over.

And it is taking a toll on us mentally.

A few months ago, many of our routines were disrupted. Our social connections were abruptly cut off.

But we quickly adapted to our new practices – most of which utilized the internet – and made digital waves in the process.

Since quarantine has begun, smartphone usage has actually decreased. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t glued to our screens.

It’s just that we’re glued to bigger screens: computers.

Website visits to Facebook, Netflix and YouTube soared in the weeks following U.S. stay-at-home orders…
Website VisitsAs did visits to information and news sites like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, local news outlets and large media groups.

Even the small-group gaming app Houseparty saw a 79.4% increase in daily sessions, as people sought out ways to host game nights without brushing their teeth.

Videoconferencing and chat platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams saw similar jumps in popularity…
App PopularityJust because our in-person interactions had to stop doesn’t mean our need to connect with other humans disappeared.

And we were able to maintain those crucial social connections only through – you guessed it – internet connectivity.

Total internet hits have surged by between 50% and 70% during the pandemic. These surges account for people working from home, shopping online, hopping on video calls and mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Streaming has also jumped by at least 12%, to the great satisfaction of Netflix, Disney and others.

All this goes to show that the need for a strengthened digital network is increasing day by day.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the Profit Trends team promises to keep you up to date on only the best next-generation digital efforts – like the accelerated buildout of a global 5G network.

We may feel lonely for now, but we’re all on the same ride toward health and freedom.