Can Stocks Go Any Higher?

If investors continue to believe the economy is strong and that there are great opportunities in the market… then the entire market can definitely head higher.

A Smart Stop That Won’t Prematurely Buck You Out of Stocks

Last week’s drop bucked a lot of investors out of longstanding positions – positions they weren’t planning to sell. Today’s guest post from Dr. Richard Smith shows an alternative way to protect your portfolio.

For Investors, This Is the True Color of Opportunity

At the end of last week, the Dow shed more than 270 points, sparking fear in many investors. But that’s the complete wrong way to look at this situation.

Could A Patriots Super Bowl Win Deflate the Stock Market?

A football isn’t the only thing in danger of being deflated by the New England Patriots. According to the “Super Bowl Indicator,” the team might also have a hand in determining whether stocks head south in 2015…