When it comes to free, the Ultimate Dividend Package is the top of the line. After a thorough review, I can see that it’s an incredible offer from Marc Lichtenfeld. He’s the author of Get Rich with Dividends and Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club.

Marc has already helped thousands of readers collect massive dividend income. (You’ll find some feedback from his readers below.) And now he’s making his research even more accessible.

Whether you’re a beginner or already an experienced investor, Marc’s insight can help with making better investment decisions. To get an idea of what he offers, let’s take a look at what’s included in the free Ultimate Dividend Package.

You can also find more info by going straight to the source. Click here to access the free research.

What’s in the Ultimate Dividend Package?

The package is filled with some of Marc’s best secrets on collecting extra income. Here’s a list of what you’ll find inside…

  • Marc’s No. 1 dividend stock
  • How to lock in a safe 9% yield
  • Three top “Extreme Dividend” stocks
  • How to set up your portfolio so you can collect money every single month
  • How to pay zero taxes on dividends for decades
  • And much more!

With this Ultimate Dividend Package, Marc will show you exactly how to profit from many of the high-yield, fast-growing dividends out there.

He believes there’s no better way to get rich in the market today than investing in dividend stocks… no matter your starting point! And don’t worry if you’ve never bought a dividend stock before. It’s very simple…

This free research is perfect for beginners looking to get started. And it’s also great for folks who are already investing in dividends but want to take those dividends to the next level.

Some of the world’s biggest investors… billionaires like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn… are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into dividend stocks.

But while the smart money is going all-in right now, everyday folks are missing out on this opportunity. That’s simply because they don’t know how to get started or what stocks they should buy…

Or worse, they’re just too scared to put even a little skin in the game… even when just a couple of hundred bucks could set them up with big income down the line.

With the Ultimate Dividend Package, you’ll find insight that can help you learn how to become a better investor. This is some of Marc Lichtenfeld’s best research, and he isn’t new to helping his readers…

Reviews and Feedback

Through various research services, such as The Oxford Income Letter, Marc has received lots of feedback. Here’s just a small sampling…

“Marc, the performance of your dividend picks continues to amaze. I’m making more than $54,000 per year (Yield on cash is 6.84%, gain on cash is 14.35%). THANK YOU.” – Mort Davidson

“It’s very exciting to see money magically appear in my account throughout the month. The knowledge I have gained from Marc has been life-changing!” – Ed Abernethy

“It has been a great success in generating more income from my retirement funds than I thought was possible.” – Donnie Brown

“I sleep better at night knowing that I have a long-term strategy for wealth generation.” – Donald Smith

“Your dividend system has changed my life and that of my family.” – Martha Thomas

“You’re up there with Warren Buffett and John Bogle when it comes to people who I admire for their patient, disciplined and ethical approach to investing.” – Johnathan Barksdale

There are thousands of happy readers, and anyone can take easy steps to improve their financial health. All you have to do is take the first step, and it couldn’t be any easier…

After a complete Ultimate Dividend Package review, I believe this is one of the best resources available today. It’s free, and you can learn more by clicking here. For even more insight from Marc Lichtenfeld, you can sign up for his free e-letter, Wealthy Retirement.