Since February 12th, the markets have been declining due to the global panic surrounding COVID-19. While so many companies are struggling during this time, investors are wondering which stocks are going up? The Nasdaq dropped another 1.53% over the last 5 days. However, not all stocks are declining. Let’s take a look at 5 stocks with large % gains over the past 5 days.

which stocks are going up

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5 Stocks That Are Going Up: 5 Day Advances

Here are 5 stocks that have seen significant % increases over the last 5 days:

SG Blocks Inc (NASDAQ: SGBX)
Last: 4.29
5 Day % Change: +111.33%
5 Day Change: +2.26
5 Day High: 9.74
5 Day Low: 1.90

Last: 5.66
5 Day % Change: +57.22%
5 Day Change: +2.06
5 Day High: 6.97
5 Day Low: 3.50

OncoSec Medical Inc (NASDAQ: ONCS)
Last: 2.02
5 Day % Change: +49.63%
5 Day Change: +0.67
5 Day High: 2.54
5 Day Low: 1.20

Athersys Inc (NASDAQ: ATHX)
Last: 2.88
5 Day % Change: +46.94%
5 Day Change: +0.92
5 Day High: 4.38
5 Day Low: 2.05

Cenovus Energy Inc (NYSE: CVE)
Last: 2.43
5 Day % Change: +43.79%
5 Day Change: +0.74
5 Day High: 2.69
5 Day Low: 1.57

Stocks Going Up – Summarized

We hope this list explaining which stocks are going up can help you during this troubling time. In the middle of a volatile market, it’s extremely important for investors to remain true to sound principles. Market cycles come and go, and those who don’t panic, can withstand even the strongest of storms.

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