There’s no denying Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) reign as one of the top investments of the past century, if not all time. And the latest Apple stock news suggests its run may continue.

There’s something about Apple products that people can’t seem to get enough of. Is it the sleek design? Or the experience? Or maybe it’s to feel a part of the group the brand attracts. Either way, Apple is far from finished, despite what Wall St whispers you hear.

Apple continues to be an innovator in the industry with new product introductions and a growing service segment. Not only that, but Apple’s new M1 chips are proving to be the real deal.

And on top of this, Apple stock is pushing all-time highs, looking to be a breakout candidate in 2022.

Can the latest Apple stock news push the iPhone maker into ATH territory? Let’s take a look.

The latest Apple stock news pushes stock to new highs.

Apple Stock News – Product Launches

Apple is notorious for pioneering new products and releasing upgraded versions of existing ones. Regarding recent Apple stock news, in the company’s October Event, it once again didn’t disappoint. The consumer favorite introduced a slew of powerful, innovative devices. Then again, does Apple ever disappoint?

With that said, here are a few highlights from the report.

  • New MacBook Pro – The beloved MacBook is getting a major upgrade. It’s being touted as the ‘most powerful MacBook Pro ever. What’s more, the M1-powered devices – an apple first – is bringing even more performance to the state-of-the-art devices.
  • 3rd Gen AirPods – Right when you thought retailers couldn’t improve headphones any further, Apple releases the new AirPods. Featuring Spatial Audio, the devices bring you closer to the sound than ever. In addition, the new generation promotes a longer battery life and superior sound technology.
  • HomePod Mini – Apple is more than just upgrading the smart speaker market with its HomePod Mini. It’s redefining it. Even more, the devices come loaded with an intelligent assistant, state-of-the-art sound, and more.

Additionally, these products are just products from Apple’s latest product launch. On top of these, Apple has also released the hit iPhone 13 & 13 Pro, Series 7 Apple Watch, and upgraded iPad & mini recently.

With this in mind, Apple is firing on all cylinders. With its strongest season coming up, look for Apple stock to continue its historic run.

Quarterly Results

The fourth quarter was another record-breaking one for Apple stock news. Despite missing Wall St revenue estimates, the tech giant recorded a strong showing with $83.4 billion in revenue. Not only was this a new September quarter record, but it shows 30% year-over-year (YOY) growth.

The impressive growth comes in spite of the company noting supply chain challenges and material costs in its annual report.

However, higher demand and pricing leverage has allowed Apple to continue growing its top line. On top of this, Apple’s growing service segment is easing iPhone sales pressure. In fact, Apple’s service segment grew 25% from last year, led by solid growth in services such as:

  • AppleCare – Apple’s technical support.
  • Cloud Services – Stores customer data.
  • Digital Content – Apple Music, Apple Store content, Apple News, Apple TV, and Apple Arcade.
  • Payment Services – Including Apple Pay and Apple Card.
  • Advertising – Through Ad platforms and 3rd parties.

As you can see, Apple’s diverse service ecosystem is thriving with the brand intertwining with one another. Furthermore, Apple’s genius ability to offer service trials through product sales helps to boost cross revenue.

Another key point in Apple stock news to consider is the company’s ability to maintain strong margins. To explain, Apple’s service revenue grew 25%, the cost of those services only grew 12%, meaning Apple is making a bigger profit.

Apple & Crypto?

The latest Apple stock news is suggesting it may be “looking into” cryptocurrencies. Although CEO Tim Cook briefly mentioned it in an interview, he did leave the door open for the possibility of Apple entering the crypto market in some capacity.

However, he did rule out the possibility of Apple investing in crypto directly or accepting it as a payment option. Yet, he did mention he invested in crypto himself.

Will Apple join the ‘bitcoin club’ with Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) and Square (NYSE: SQ)? It’s not likely. Tim Cook also mentions that people don’t invest in Apple to gain crypto exposure.

Either way, Apple stock and crypto are two of the most significant investments of our lifetime. It will be interesting to see what direction the company goes.

Does the Latest Apple Stock News Make It a Buy?

Apple stock is one of the most closely watched investments of all time. The iPhone maker is enjoying a record-breaking year despite several challenges getting in the way. What’s more, the latest Apple stock news suggests the company is far from finished.

Not only that, but Apple’s brand power is unmatched, giving them the leverage over pricing. This is a huge advantage the company has benefitted from throughout the years. Also, the tech giants’ strong margins help drive the company’s bottom line.

With a growing service segment, Apple stock looks to be in a winning position for years to come. Look for Apple to continue pushing services and introducing new products to promote cross-selling.

If Apple can continue its dominant growth while becoming more profitable, investors should continue seeing the rewards. In 2021, the company repurchased a massive $85.5 billion in stock buybacks and paid another $14.5 billion to investors in dividends. Not to mention, Apple stock grew 16% this year.

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All in all, I wouldn’t count Apple out of the conversation just yet. Its longstanding history with customers, coupled with its ability to upgrade and introduce new products, makes it one of the best growth stocks to watch as we advance.