The best stock research websites usually come in one of two flavors. Some sites that serve up investments and strategies on a silver platter. And then there are some that offer investors the ability to conduct the research themselves. Both serve their respective purposes.

For our purposes, we’ll start with a website that offer tools experienced traders can take advantage of…

Investor checking the best stock research websites in the morning.

Just about every day before the markets open, we head to The name is a portmanteau of “financial” and “visualization.” When you go there, you’ll see exactly why this is an apt name.

On the right side of the Finviz website is a heat map of various sectors in the stock market. And within those sectors you’ll see the largest companies by market capitalization. For companies that are colored green, this means its stock price is going up. And red, naturally means the stock price is falling.

This tool alone would be enough to warrant a quick daily visit to Finviz. But there’s actually a lot more to it than that. There are all sorts of technical and fundamental analysis tools available. It’s got some impressive stock screener tools that are rivaled only by an exceptionally expensive Bloomberg terminal subscription.

Finviz also has some useful – albeit more limited – for forex, crypto and futures traders. And on top of all of that, its automated interface gives an easy glimpse into the individual stocks on the biggest upward and downward trends. There’s even a useful news feed and breakdown of the insider trading that’s been (legally) conducted of late.

The one drawback is the Finviz interface can be a bit cumbersome at first and filled with ads. But once you get used to it, its vast number of tools make it more than worth the effort.

Best Stock Research Websites for Investors

While Finviz is an awesome tool, it’s not ideal for someone looking for an entry point into the markets. For these investors, we’ve got a handful of websites that offer clear, concise and proven investing strategies.

One of our favorites is Liberty Through Wealth. This website offers practical investment advice for people looking to manage their own money. This website is headed up by legendary market expert Alexander Green. And it’s filled with useful market analysis highlighting economic trends. It also offers readers simple explanations of complex investment strategies. All of this easily makes it one of the best stock research websites out there.

One of the other websites we like to start our days with is Wealthy Retirement. Don’t let the name fool you. This website isn’t just about retiring. It’s about putting your money to work so that when the time comes, you’ll be more than ready for a comfortable retirement.

This site, headed up by Marc Lichtenfeld, offers a bevy of ways to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Wealthy Retirement also has some handy, easy-to-use tools. It features a useful dividend calculator, compound interest calculator and position size calculator. All of which can be very helpful for long-term investors. All of these paired with the practical investment advice make it one of the best stock research websites you’ll find.

Another of our favorite daily reads in Profit Trends. This website, run by Matthew Carr, is ideal for finding out what the next big craze that will be moving the markets. It’s filled with details about investing in the energy sector, new tech and the cannabis space. And despite the breadth of information covered, it remains an easy read with the info we like to start the day with.

Looking for More to Read?

The three websites above all provide vital and timely information for investors. What’s more, you can easily subscribe to them in order to receive the content in email form. This makes it even easier to stay on top of the markets instead of having to navigate to different sites. It’s like having the best stock research websites sent directly to your inbox during the week.

That being said, this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list of the best stock research websites. There are scores of great resources out there for investors. And trying to keep an eye on the markets as a whole requires a lot of time and a lot of subscriptions – which can add up.

For instance, The Wall Street Journal employs a complex paywall that only allows visitors to view a certain number of articles per month. And same goes for other favorites like Financial Times, The Economist and Barron’s. But to be fair, these outlets are more likely to offer market analysis than stock research. So we wouldn’t necessarily consider these among the best stock research websites out there. However, they are quite useful for those looking to stay on top of stock market news.

The Bottom Line on the Best Stock Research Websites

Even on a quiet day, there’s simply too much going on to have a grasp on every little detail. And that’s what makes the three best stock research websites mentioned above so valuable. Liberty Through Wealth, Wealthy Retirement and Profit Trends are expertly curated by market analysts with more than a century of market experience between them.

They bring you the information you need to know when the markets are open without the unnecessary noise from the sidelines. And naturally, they offer invaluable stock research both new and experienced investors need to know about. And like we mentioned above, it’s never been easier to get this information delivered right to your inbox each day. All you have to do is head over to the linked websites and enter your email address in the box at the top of the page.

For our money, it’s the easiest way out there to set yourself up for success in the markets. Good luck and good investing.