The Blockbuster Earnings Season Kickoff is almost here. There’s a huge investing opportunity with this round of earnings announcements. In this event, you’ll discover how to identify the pandemic’s big winners and avoid the losers.

It’s a free video event where you’ll learn directly from Marc Lichtenfeld, The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist. He has a proven track record of picking winning stocks. I’ll include some past feedback he’s received below. But first, let’s dive into this event’s details…

Reviewing earnings trends for the Blockbuster Earnings Season Kickoff

What Is the Blockbuster Earnings Season Kickoff?

The pandemic’s impact on earnings was just beginning in the first quarter. And the second quarter was a disaster. But the third quarter is when the tables will finally turn.

Investors who position themselves ahead of time could see some big returns. This is where Marc’s insight comes into play. Over the years, he’s fine-tuned a strategy to better identify the winners, while avoiding the losers.

This strategy focuses on company earnings. And Marc Lichtenfeld has been playing earnings for decades now. He’s confident that he has identified the best way to profit – particularly during what’s gearing up to be the biggest earnings season of our lives.

Behind this confidence is a proprietary system of predictive profits. In the second quarter, it identified 25 stocks as likely earnings winners… and of those, 22 went on to beat their earnings estimates. That’s an amazing 88% success rate.

During the Blockbuster Earnings Season Kickoff, you’ll learn more about this system and how well it works.

Predictive Profits Reviews and Other Feedback

This system for identifying the biggest likely earnings season winners – which Marc will detail during the big event – is remarkably effective. Earlier this year, a small group had the chance to try it out. And since, they’ve received a bunch of positive feedback…

“365% return in two months!” – Aaron Dawson

“I’m out with a 468% gain in two months – my highest gain in six months of investing! I can’t really imagine what else could make a person’s investing life easier than this…” – Jill Vance

“I grabbed $3,120 in profit on a 306% gain in two months!” – Brad Wilkins

“My initial investment was $8,920, and my profit inside of a month was more than $39,000! Thanks again for a great trade.” – Wayne Sherman

This looks promising, and this recent feedback is just scratching the surface. Over the years, Marc Lichtenfeld has delivered top-notch investing insight across his various research services. Here’s some more feedback from his past readers…

“I have a number of double-digit gains, and a few where I have made better than 400% over several years.” – Wallace Milan

“I have used Marc’s stocks to create a retirement portfolio that gives me peace of mind even when the market gets a little crazy. I have the income I need to do whatever I want. I am blessed!” – Donald Sullivan

“We’ve made lots of money to support us in retirement; thanks, Marc! We have more now than we had when we retired 20 years ago. Come see me and I’ll take you bass fishing!” – Paul James

These are just some highlights, and Marc Lichtenfeld doesn’t appear to be slowing down. To learn more about Marc’s next big investing opportunity, you can go straight to the source. The Blockbuster Earnings Season Kickoff will be one for the history books.