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The Fed’s Next Move Could Make Us All Criminals

The rules have changed. And – no matter whether your dream is one of riches, retirement freedom or just good, plain living – they’re a threat to us all.

In America, citizens are presumed innocent until they are proven guilty.

At least, that’s the way our founders set things up. It’s the only way to create a truly free nation.

But it’s all changing.

It’s affecting many angles of our lives – from the websites we visit to the money we make.

Most folks are blissfully unaware of this growing threat.

Take the news that leaked from Apple this week…

FBI Poisons Apple

About two years ago, it developed plans that would allow its users to fully encrypt their data. From the time it’s created to its final storage space, this critical information would be accessible only by the folks who created it – the user.

Of course, Big Government doesn’t like that.

The FBI put pressure on Apple. It begged executives to think about the terrorists… the rapists… and the crooks… the guilty.

The innocent folks, who far outnumber the bad guys, were tossed aside.

The old Liberty-busting refrain of “they’ve got nothing to hide” could be heard as Apple execs caved and took a slide down the oh-so-slippery slope.

The folks in Washington got their way. Your data is not encrypted, and investigators can grab it just about anytime they want.

It’s a hell of a way to run a country that celebrates its freedom.

But it’s not just your phone. Far from it.

Your money is sliding down this slippery slope, too.

Cash Won’t Fly

Go to the airport, for example, and buy an airline ticket with cash.

After the agent gives you a puzzled look and asks her supervisor how to make change, she’ll get you your ticket.

But as the airlines warn, if you pay in cash… make sure you add extra time to your schedule. The government treats cash buyers differently and tends to put them through extra layers of security.


Because in the post-9/11 world… you’re guilty until proven innocent.

But it’s not just fears of terrorism that get Uncle Sam’s hackles up. As far as we know, no terrorists have trashed a hotel room. But try to pay cash for an overnight stay… and you’re going to get some unwanted attention.

Folks who use cash to pay for a hotel room are labeled as sex traffickers.

Many hotels won’t accept paper… only credit.

During a recent sex trafficking awareness training, one manager of a popular hotel brand admits he’s seen only a couple of nefarious incidents during his 45 years on the job. And yet… all patrons must comply.

“We’ve been operating for years under these practices, getting names at check-in, not accepting cash, keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviors,” said one manager. “If we can stop it, if we can save one person, it’s all worthwhile.”

And there’s the rub…

It’s the point we’re eager to argue… but aren’t allowed to. We’d be labeled heartless… a demon… maybe even a crook.

Is one crook worth immense Liberty?

We dare not argue.

So the sheep sit on their butts and slide down the slippery slope – Liberty zooming past as we slide lower and lower down the hill.

Cash or (Criminal) Charge?

Think about the criminals… the system begs.

Think about Liberty… we retort.

The only question is… What’s next?

That’s where things get scary. We’re convinced we are on the cusp of something big.

The government didn’t get much pushback when it tore down Apple’s encryption plans. The nation cheered and took pride in its ceaseless resolve when it made flying an utter (cashless) nightmare. And nobody wonders about the limits of the government when the feds announce they busted a crook by tracking his credit card.

And here’s the thing… Few folks are griping about a stock market that seems to have no upper bounds.

Nobody’s griping about the ceaseless manipulation it takes to keep stocks moving higher.

And nobody will gripe when Washington makes it nearly impossible to own cash… saying it’s a must-do move if we want to continue down this path of prosperity.

It’s already happening.

On Tuesday, Trump took the stage in Davos and talked about the wonders of negative interest rates. He called them “incredible.” He said folks are getting paid to borrow and called it an idea he “could get used to very quickly.”

Cash is the main obstacle to going negative.

That’s why were convinced that quite soon… only “criminals” will be using cash.

It will be the currency of the underground.

And that’s just the way our keepers want it. They’ll be able to track us… monitor what we’re buying… watch what we’re paying taxes on… and, the ultimate destination, continue manipulating our economy from one election cycle to the next and long into the future.

We’re living in odd days.

Our Liberty is at risk.


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