Bond Investing

Are Bonds Safe if the Market Crashes?

The first market to surge on speculation of a market crash or correction is the bond market. But are bonds safe if the market crashes?

What are Convertible Bonds?

Companies can raise money by issuing bonds, and a less common way is through convertible bonds. Keep reading to learn more about these bonds.

What is a Day-Count Convention?

A day-count convention is the method of calculating accrued interest between coupon payment dates for a bond or credit swap.

Buying Bonds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keep reading for a basic primer on what you should know before buying bonds. We’ll go over common bond types, the pros and cons and more.

Bonds vs. Stocks: Difference Between Bonds and Stocks

Many financial advisors suggest holding a diversified portfolio of bonds and stocks. Let’s take a closer look at bonds vs. stocks.

What is a Callable Bond?

While a callable bond comes with a maturity date, the issuer can actually recall the bond before that date.

What is a Bullet Bond?

Most seasoned investors and traders who choose investment-grade bonds will find themselves investing in a bullet bond.

What is a Bondholder?

A bondholder is an investor who holds a security, in this case a bond, with the promise of a future return.