Dividend Stocks

Simon Property Group Dividend Safety: Can This Mall Owner Maintain Its 7.7% Yield?

Simon Property Group’s dividend safety looks doubtful, as brick-and-mortar retailers continue to take hits to earnings due to COVID-19.

NGL Energy Partners Dividend Safety: Will A Recent Cut Save This 20% Yield?

Will NGL Energy Partners’ dividend safety recover from a recent cut, or will it fall in line with most energy companies across the country?

Broadcom Dividend Safety: Is This Tech Giant’s Dividend Safe?

The Broadcom dividend safety depends on whether the company can continue its trend of rising free cash flow into the near future.

6 Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

The top dividend stocks to buy are ones you can hold forever. Once you invest, you can sit back and watch the dividend income roll into your account.

How to Make Money Trading Stocks

The stock market is one of the greatest wealth building tools ever. And yet far too many don’t how to make money trading stocks. It’s time to change that.

Top 10 Dividend Stocks From Warren Buffett’s Portfolio

With the help of SEC filings, we’ve tracked down some of the top dividend stocks. Warren Buffett has invested a great deal in these companies.

NetApp Dividend Safety: Is This Cloud Company’s Dividend Flying Too Close to the Sun?

NetApp’s dividend safety may depend on where its 2021 free cash flow numbers fall. Only time will tell if this cloud company will be cut.

Is Investing in Dividend Stocks Worth It?

Two of the most compelling reasons when determining if dividend stocks are worth it is that they’re pure passive income. They’re also taxed at a lower rate.