Financial Freedom

The One Thing Americans Fear

What happens when people don’t have skills, don’t have savings and don’t invest in their health because pill-popping is all you need?

The Perfect Contrarian Indicator Pays Off… Yet Again

This economist’s flawed predictions serve as one of our favorite contrarian indicators. And they’re paying off yet again amid the coronavirus crisis.

An Embarrassing Lesson About the Dangers of Panic

Fear makes us do dumb things. But we beg of you… don’t pull the ejection handle.

How Markets Will Save Us From COVID-19

Many people don’t understand how the stock market works. But the free market system is what’s going to save us from the coronavirus.

Corona Crisis: Business Survival Tactics

Here’s what businesses are doing (and should think about doing) during the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

Building Wealth

Building wealth is the process of accumulating, keeping, and growing your assets. Assets can include your cold hard cash, but they are more than that. 

The Market Tells Investors, “Be More Optimistic”

The market is a leading indicator that reflects the knowledge of millions of investors. Right now, it’s telling investors that things are looking up.

The High Price of American Naiveté

China is pushing a new narrative about the origin of COVID-19. Here’s why Americans need to stop being so naïve about China’s influence on global economics.