Financial Freedom

Corona Crisis: Business Survival Tactics

Here’s what businesses are doing (and should think about doing) during the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

Building Wealth

Building wealth is the process of accumulating, keeping, and growing your assets. Assets can include your cold hard cash, but they are more than that. 

The Market Tells Investors, “Be More Optimistic”

The market is a leading indicator that reflects the knowledge of millions of investors. Right now, it’s telling investors that things are looking up.

The High Price of American Naiveté

China is pushing a new narrative about the origin of COVID-19. Here’s why Americans need to stop being so naïve about China’s influence on global economics.

The Real Danger for Farmers Isn’t the Coronavirus

Farmers have had to adapt to survive the current crisis. But their troubles are far more serious than just overcoming a pandemic that will eventually fade.

Cover Your Eyes… and Buy Like Hell

We’ve got a mess on our hands. But we’ve also got a simple message for investors.

Lessons From the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Many Americans suffer from “historical amnesia.” But there is a lot we can learn about global wealth and success by looking back at history.

Local Food Rises to the Occasion

As panicked shoppers empty grocery store shelves day after day, week after week… there’s good news coming out of this crisis.