Financial Literacy

What Are Options? Here’s How to Jump-Start Your Portfolio in 2019

Options might sound a little complicated at first, but they could be your ticket to reducing risk and building wealth.

Don’t Buy What the Media Is Selling

As the headlines spell out doom and gloom, it’s important to remember that the media isn’t covering the news that matters. They’re dishing out the news that sells.

The Truth About Losses, Sizing and Greed

Setting up your endgame is one of the most important things a trader can do.

How We Predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average Would Fall

The Dow was predicted to drop, and it did. Here’s how to profit off this move.

News Fix: American Bar Association, Senators Ask Government for Clarity on Cannabis

In the news this week: New York seals 350 marijuana records, the SEC delays decisions on bitcoin ETF proposals and a former Congressman says “I told you so.”

Have an Investing Idea? There’s an ETF for That

Savvy investors can use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to diversify their portfolios.

What the History Books Will Say About This Week

The history books have a funny way of telling a story… especially when it comes to money. We’re excited to see what they say about what just happened.

Bull vs. Bear Markets: Differences and Origin Stories

When you start investing it’s similar to learning a new […]