Financial Literacy

What is a Bell Curve?

A bell curve is a visual representation of normal data distribution, in which the median represents the highest point on the curve.

What are BAT Stocks?

BAT stocks mark the rise of Chinese tech stocks and their growing prevalence in investors’ portfolios in the United States.

What is a Bear Call Spread?

A bear call spread is simply a vertical call spread that bets on poor price performance. It’s sometimes called a credit spread.

What is a Backdoor Roth IRA?

A backdoor Roth IRA is effectively a strategy for making traditional IRA contributions, then converting them into Roth contributions.

What is a Balanced Fund?

Balanced funds have this title because, unlike more aggressive portfolios, they have both equity and bond components to consider.

What is a Bear Hug in Business?

A bear hug in business involves offering to buy a company’s shares at a significant acquisition premium, well-above the current market price.

What is a Barrier Option?

Traders refer to a barrier option by the type of option they’re buying and the expected performance that will land them in the money.

What’s the Average Return on Stocks?

The average return on stocks is historically around 10 percent. However, this is a broad average that accounts for total market return.

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