Financial Literacy

What is a Money Market Account?

A money market account is a type of deposit account that comes with higher interest rates than most savings accounts.

What Is an IRA? Traditional vs. Roth Accounts

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (or Arrangement). They are investment accounts to help you save for retirement with tax benefits.

How To Invest In Stocks (5 Step Guide)

Are you interested in learning how to invest in stocks?…
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How to Pay Off Debt Fast!

Don’t let debt ruin your life. Get started today and gain the necessary tools to pay off debt fast and regain control of your finances.

78 Basic Accounting Terms and Concepts

Money rules the world. From Fortune 500 companies to the…
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What Is a Value Stock?

What is a value stock? Once I explain, you may find it’s the perfect investment type for your portfolio. I explain it all in this post.

Volatility Is Here to Stay

If Trump’s trade war with China and the general fear of recession aren’t exciting enough for you, there’s also this on the horizon…

How We Predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average Would Fall

The Dow was predicted to drop, and it did. Here’s how to profit off this move.