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ESG Investing

What is ESG Investing? The ESG in ESG investing stands…
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Alexander Green’s Single Stock Retirement Plan Review

A mix of investments help investors earn great returns. But many people exceed those returns with a single stock retirement plan.

Why Buy the World’s Cheapest Stocks?

Robert Shiller accurately predicted major U.S. market events this century. If the market valuation tool bearing his name is any indicator, the world may be your next oyster…

The Best Pick-and-Shovel Plays on Electric Vehicles

Dave is a big fan of electric vehicles – and of pick-and-shovel investing. Today he’s showing you how to combine these concepts to supercharge your portfolio.

Why Congressional Insider Trading Is Legal – and Potentially Profitable

Nobody is above the law… except our lawmakers. This chart exposes the technically legal world of congressional insider trading.

Buying When There’s Blood in the Streets

The legendary investment banker Nathan Rothschild told investors to buy when there’s blood in the streets. This ETF strategy lives up to his advice.

Why Is Warren Buffett Holding So Much Cash?

Warren Buffett’s cash reserves are steadily growing. Has the Oracle of Omaha changed the way he searches for value?

Are You Ready for the “End of the World” Portfolio?

Unless we drastically cut spending, the national debt will one day wreck our markets. That’s why Alex developed an “End of the World” investment portfolio.