There is plenty to be excited about on the heels of the G20 meeting at the end of June, which is why we’re bringing you one of the best penny stocks to watch in July 2019.

The heads of the most powerful economies in the world gathered in Japan on June 28, for the annual G20 summit amid some strong trade tensions. Fortunately, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping were able to discuss trade relations in more depth.

The outcome of the G20 summit sent stocks soaring higher, but there is the potential for much more in the coming months.

This is particularly the case with penny stocks, which have the potential to beat gains in the broader market by a substantial amount. We’re talking doubling and even tripling your investment if you pick the right company.

That’s why we’ll show you one of the best penny stocks to watch now for market-beating gains.

But first, there’s a lot to learn about penny stock investing. This isn’t something you should jump into without a foundation of knowledge to lessen your risk.

Here is how you can protect your investment dollars when investing in penny stocks and our pick for the top penny stock to watch this month.

How to Invest in Penny Stocks the Right Way

By definition, penny stocks are those that trade at $5 or less, although you might find some just over this threshold that will check all of the other boxes.

These investments are attractive because small share price moves translate into large percentage gains – or losses if you pick the wrong stock. In short, these are volatile investments, so you’re advised to use caution.

Every penny stock investor should consider how they are allocating risk in their portfolio before buying stocks.

You’ll also want to do everything possible to avoid penny stock scams. These are prolific, but you can manage your risk in several ways.

First, do a ton of research on the companies you’re watching. Is the company and industry one that is growing? Are there external factors that could be a catalyst for breakout growth? Is there sufficient daily trading volume so that you can sell your shares when you’re ready to make your exit?

Now that you know about safely investing in penny stocks, this small-cap stock that we’re showing you today has the potential to jump as high as 95% over the next year according to consensus estimates.

One of the Best Penny Stocks to Watch in July 2019

If you’re looking for one of the top penny stocks nowGolden Ocean Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: GOGL) should be at the top of your list.

It is a Norway-based international shipping company. Even though it is currently trading just above $5 per share, this stock has incredible upside potential.

The company owns more than 70 vessels in its shipping fleet and has positioned itself to make an economic killing on the global boom in international shipping.

The international shipping industry had its strongest year in seven years in 2018 with 3.7% growth, which is a clear signal that this sector is expanding fast and will be a windfall for early investors.

One of the top shipping industry authorities, McKinsey & Co., has recently predicted that the global shipping industry’s annual growth rate could average 3.2% over the next decade – at least.

Some of the best news is that Golden Ocean Group is in the perfect position to profit from this growth. Even better, as President Trump and President Xi Jinping get closer to cementing a trade deal, the international shipping industry will receive an even bigger boost. These factors alone make this an ideal time to take a close look at this penny stock investment.

Golden Ocean suffered three consecutive years of losses but bounced back to profitability in 2018 with an impressive $84 million profit. This is another signal that it is capitalizing on shipping sector growth and is in the right place to move even higher.

The company has either met or exceeded consensus EPS over the past four quarters, and it pays a 5.26% dividend yield.

The company is currently building 20 more ships for its fleet, which is an investment that will produce significant returns as this industry continues to expand.

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