Copper penny stocks could be a very smart buy right now. The new infrastructure bill is passed and signed. So soon, there will be a large amount of money pumping into many industries in the coming years.

And if you take advantage of the pumping of these dollars, you could come out with some nice returns on your investment.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the best copper penny stocks. Specifically, these all have gross profit margins greater than 10%.

Top copper penny stocks to buy now.

Best Copper Penny Stocks

  1. Sandfire Resources Ltd. (OTC: SFRRF)
  2. Capstone Mining Corp. (OTC: CSFFF)
  3. Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (OTC: CPPMF)
  4. Metals X Ltd. (OTC: MLXEF)
  5. Amerigo Resources Ltd. (OTC: ARREF)
  6. Hot Chili Ltd. (OTC: HHLKF)
  7. Aranjin Resources Ltd. (OTC: FVVSF)

Copper Penny Stocks to Buy

Sandfire Resources Ltd.

An Australian copper and gold miner, Sandfire strives to focus on the environment. Plus, the company helps local communities and enforces safety for its workers. Sandfire even stress the importance of mental health amongst employees.

This copper penny stock provides a dividend, too. So, if you’re interested in dividend stocks, it might be worth your while to take a deeper peek at Sandfire.

In September 2021, it announced it’ll be acquiring MATSA Mining Complex. This project is a very large asset in Spain. It’s already producing copper. The mine is underground, and is set to complete transfer by the end of the March 2022 quarter.

Capstone Mining Corp.

Capstone has a market cap of $1.9 billion USD. So, it’s no small operation. It’s a Canadian company with two active copper mines in the U.S. and Mexico. Additionally, the company owns many other assets being explored. Plus, another copper, iron and gold project in Chile.

A member of the Board of Directors recently retired from his position. So, this copper penny stock company may be looking for someone to fill his place. Also, in October of 2021, it announced its cash position rose to $208 million.

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

Copper Mountain is a copper penny stock that hasn’t quite hit the $1 billion mark. So, it still has some growth potential. It’s a Canadian company, producing a phenomenal 100 million pounds of copper per year.

Plus, the company recently acquired another mine called New Ingerbelle. And with this new mine, output for Copper Mountain expects to reach 139 million pounds of copper. That’s for each year.

Copper Mountain is very transparent with its expected revenue and current revenue. It expects to get $1.19 per pound for the first ten years of the new mine. In addition, the mine is expected to last for 21 years.

Metals X Ltd.

Metals X is another Australian company. It’s got a nice, low market cap. But not so low that it’s sketchy to buy stock in. It sits around $252 million USD.

Most of what Metals X provides is cobalt, nickel and tin. But the company does have an underground copper and cobalt project.

The Nifty Copper Operation goes way back to 1981, when oxide copper was first discovered in that location. Which, by the way, is in Western Australia.

Through the years, there was some drilling. There was also a sulphide resource that was discovered. And the asset passed through a few different hands.

Metals X is a great copper penny stock if you’re looking for something with a bit more diversification.

Amerigo Resources Ltd.

This copper penny stock’s history goes all the way back to 1984. A Canadian company, it produces copper in Chile. More specifically, the company produces copper from the world’s largest underground mine. It also has a great edge in that the mine does not pose a large risk to safety.

Amerigo is all about keeping workers safe. Also, supporting the local communities, and being environmentally responsible. Amerigo gives stockholders a dividend. So, it’s clear they take care of their shareholders, too.

In August, the Minera Valle Central mine, received the 2021 San Lorenzo award. This award came from Chile’s National Mining Society.

Hot Chili Ltd.

Besides the great name, Hot Chili is a large player in the copper mining industry. This copper penny stock is one of the largest producers. And that’s not good enough for them. Hot Chili Ltd. strives to be the largest in Chile.

The company owns three major projects. And every project is located in Chile. The projects are also very close to each other. Even better, they’re in a globally recognized location for copper production.

Copper Penny Stocks: Aranjin Resources Ltd.

Aranjin is one copper penny stock with great leadership. It has directors from many areas of the world. Additionally, the experience from these people is also very diversified. There are people who have backgrounds as varied as energy, technology, gold and art.

With headquarters in Canada, it has three projects in Mongolia.

“The Final Word” and Other Copper Penny Stocks Opportunities

Copper penny stocks may not be the sexiest of industries. But, the fact is there will be a lot of money pouring into infrastructure in the coming years. With the new infrastructure bill passed and signed, it will affect a variety of different industries.

All those industries will see growth. And the stocks will rise with that growth.

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