During the coronavirus, work-from-home jobs and the ability to work from home have become extremely valuable. Unfortunately, millions around the world have lost their jobs during the outbreak. Others have significantly reduced income. And while the historic $2 trillion stimulus will help many, it won’t be enough to sustain them for the duration of the pandemic.

coronavirus work from home jobs

Accounting for the unique situation we’re currently in, we’ve compiled a list of work-from-home jobs to help you beat the coronavirus blues and get your income back on track.

10 Work-From-Home Jobs During the Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Customer Service Representative – Even during the coronavirus outbreak, companies need great customer service reps to answer calls.

2. Online Teacher – Whatever your field of expertise, do your best to social distance and take your lessons from the classroom to the chat room. Check out Udemy if you’re interested.

3. Freelancer/Side Hustler – Many of you may have had side hustles before COVID-19. As you get more comfortable working from home during the coronavirus, your business could grow to new heights!

4. Telephone Nurse – Health management companies and insurance brands need registered nurses to handle case management, triage and other valuable remote tasks during this time.

5. Website Designer/Developer – If you’re in the web development/design field… great! If you’re not, use this time to grow your skills and expand your client base.

6. Content Producer – There are many sites out there that will pay for great content. Writers, designers and influencers can capitalize on this extra time in their schedules to contribute to various businesses or even their own. If you are interested in monetizing video content, check out YouTube’s Creator Academy.

7. Virtual Assistant – Inbox management, data entry and other organizational tasks arestill extremely valuable to companies. You can get paid upward of $15 and work from home during the coronavirus.

8. Survey Taker – Take surveys while you’re stuck at home to make some extra cash. Get started today with SwagBucks, MyPoints or Survey Junkie.

9. Online Retailer – Even though you can’t go out, there’s no reason you can’t sell some of your lightly used items and turn a profit. Sites like eBay and Letgo are still a great way to generate more cash.

10. Investor – As always, income generated through sound investing principles is our No. 1 way to work from home during the coronavirus.

We Can Help Get Your Finances Back On Track

Being stuck at home may be financially crippling for many, but it doesn’t have to be. We hope at least one or two of these coronavirus work-from-home jobs can help get your finances back on track. Many of our readers have found encouragement during this troubling time by leaning on our sound, recession-proof financial principles. Take advantage of decades of investing expertise and beat the recession today. Sign up for our FREE e-letter below.