The new infrastructure bill has been passed and signed. So, it would be smart to look for some infrastructure penny stocks to snap up.

Below are some of the best infrastructure penny stocks you can get. You’ll prepare yourself for the $1.2 trillion that’s pouring into the market in the coming months and years.

But as always, a warning: Penny stocks are very volatile. You can lose your entire investment. This is not to scare you away, but to mentally prepare you for what you’re getting into.

Usually, your winning stocks will out-earn your losing stocks. But in the beginning, that may not be the case.

It’s important to have some patience, learn as much as you can, and do your due diligence. It’s also smart to have a plan before you invest, and stick to that plan. For example, decide how long you’ll hold your investment. Or decide on a certain price to buy out, turning a profit.

I’ve included businesses from a variety of countries, all around the world.

Infrastructure penny stocks to snap up.

Best Infrastructure Penny Stocks


CEMEX is a Mexican business that caters to many countries. The company produces and sells cement products.

Founded in 1906, it has plenty of experience in the market.

That equates to a solid foundation and a deep understanding of how their business works. Not only that, but a deep understanding of where they fit in the industry.

All this new infrastructure is going to take a lot of cement for roads and bridges. That’s the one thing this company provides and focuses on. It’s market cap sits near $10 billion, so it’s no spring chicken.

But, it’s a strong company, and a great infrastructure penny stock.

It could get some big business from the government in the next months and years. If it does, its revenues will go up and so will profits. And, it’s likely CEMEX will pay some of those forward to the stockholders.

No. 2 Basanite Inc. (OTC: BASA)

Basanite has headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida. The company owns many subsidiaries. But the primary purpose of the company is to produce construction materials. More specifically, they produce corrosion-proof reinforcement for practically any building.

Basanite serves the U.S., so it would be a practical choice for some new infrastructure.

Basanite features a new product on their website called BasaFlex. This structural rebar is rust proof, long-lasting (100+ years), and lighter and stronger than steel.

Basanite’s leadership looks to be in good shape. It has many years of experience and expertise in its field.

No. 3 Taiga Building Products Ltd. (OTC: TGAFF)

Taiga is an infrastructure penny stock that’s headquartered in Canada. Here, the company wholesales building materials, and carries out most operations.

Even so, it has many distribution centers in the U.S.  Taiga also owns a lumber company in the western U.S.

The company has a strong focus on recycling products as much as possible.

Emphasis is placed on using treated lumber, so they don’t use as many trees. Recycled glass is also used to create their insulation. Decking comes from recycled plastic and waste scraps of wood.

Taiga has a great mission that acts as a compass for the team. Striving to know the client’s business and market better than anyone is at the top of their list. The second thing they aim for is bringing top talent on board and keeping them happy. There are other great things on this list that position Taiga in a great light.

No. 4 China Resources Cement Holdings (OTC: CARCY)

China Resources is the highest producer of cement in Southern China. That puts this infrastructure penny stock in a great position. Especially if the U.S. looks overseas for construction materials.

The company was created in the Cayman Islands. Like Taiga, China Resources puts an emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection. It strives to keep workers safe, too.

Both the vision and mission statement are very succinct and to the point. But focus is a good thing. The vision is to “become a world-class cement company”. And the mission highlights quality, innovation, and building a business that is “everlasting”.

No. 5 ReTo Eco-Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: RETO)

This is another Chinese company. ReTo has an edge that they’ve centered the entire business around. All the construction materials it produces come from recycled waste and scraps.

The company’s bricks and cement come from mining waste. ReTo provides consulting for “sponge cities”, which are areas that capture and reuse rainwater. Engineering, design, and project activities are also a large part of the business.

ReTo is a great infrastructure penny stock to watch. Especially if you like supporting these kinds of cool, innovative projects and ideas.

No. 6 Ssab Swedish Steel (OTC: SSAAY)

If you couldn’t tell from the name, Ssab is a Nordic steel company. Ssab is headquartered in Sweden, where it does little business. Most of its sales come from the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, respectively.

Ssab takes raw materials and makes them into usable steel products. If you’re look to invest in any infrastructure penny stocks, Ssab is a great one to target.

On the company website, it talks about the large need for building materials in the U.S. On top of that, most of its business is to the United States, as I mentioned above. Ssab understands there’s a large need for what it does.

The production facility in North America allows costs to stay low, so profit is easily realized.

No. 7 Tree Island Steel Ltd. (OTC: TWIRF)

Tree Island Steel is a huge producer of steel wire products. It’s also an old company, being founded in 1964. The age gives it a wonderful foundation and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Doing business out of Canada, the company caters to clients on a global scale. The management team all have successful pasts, and they’re all pushing the company in the right direction.

Tree Island has a huge manufacturing plant that covers over 38 acres. So, they have the resources to receive large orders, should the opportunity come.

Opportunities in Infrastructure Penny Stocks

Infrastructure spending is set to ramp up like crazy soon. If you’re unsure about putting money in, these penny stocks are some great examples to watch.

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