There’s a little linchpin device behind a potential revolution. It might reshape America forever. And 5G technology stocks, like the next tech giant move fast. So buying in early is key to seeing big returns. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at this new investment research. It comes from Strategic Trends Investor.

First, we’ll look at the opportunity and use history as a guide. Then we’ll dig into what readers have said. Let’s dive in…

The Next Tech Giant?

This linchpin device could save millions of lives… protect our nation against military and terrorist attacks… and create a staggering number of new fortunes. Right now, technicians are laying the groundwork in cities across the U.S. The device might soon be in 127 million homes across America.

This linchpin device involves the biggest advancement in the history of cellular network technology. It’s all about powering the 5G future. With 5G, download speeds will be blazing fast.

For example, let’s look at the classic TV Western Gunsmoke, one of the longest-running series in television history. Downloading every episode with 4G would take about 26 hours. But with new 5G technologies, it will only take about 15 minutes. That’s a massive improvement.

This linchpin device and new 5G technologies are opening up a new world of possibilities. With healthcare, you’ll be able to access the services of the world’s top medical professionals… even if they’re thousands of miles away. 5G-powered telemedicine will enable surgeons to operate on patients in different time zones.

Self-driving cars… virtual reality… hypersonic weapons… The lightning-fast speeds of 5G could open the doors to making unbelievable sci-fi ideas a reality. And when big technology leaps happen, investors can see big gains. There will be many 5G tech giants that profit.

Investing in Linchpin Devices

Small companies that own the linchpins behind major technological shifts can shoot to the moon. Take Skyworks Solutions. Back in 2009, it was just another tech stock flying under the radar. But a teardown of Apple’s iPhone 4 revealed that it contained Skyworks’ radio frequency semiconductor.

This chip enables smartphones to communicate with wireless networks. Without it, the iPhone is just a fancy shell. As iPhone sales went through the roof, this linchpin helped Skyworks soar from $3.88 to $117.65. That’s a 30-fold gain in eight years.

Another example is Cree. In 1991, it launched the world’s first commercial silicon carbide wafer. You can find these types of wafers in virtually every electronic device.

As the consumer electronics market grew to $211 billion, this wafer was the linchpin behind it all. As a result, Cree rose from just $0.66 to $101… a 152-fold gain in 16 years.

Pinpointing linchpin devices before other investors can lead to huge gains. Although, the opportunities are hard to find and don’t come around too often. That’s why the research from Strategic Trends Investor is so appealing right now.

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