Modern portfolio theory is still the guiding light for many asset managers, hedge funds and wealth advisors. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. This strategy was developed more than 70 years ago. And a lot has changed since then. In this Manward Letter review, we’ll go over how and why Manward founder, Andy Snyder threw this time-honored investment strategy out the window… And what his award-winning strategy consists of.

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Modern portfolio theory was ground breaking… in 1952. This revolutionary concept was such a big deal it won a Nobel Prize. The problem is it doesn’t take into consideration all of the ways life and investing have changed since then.

For example, stock options became available to retail investors more than 20 years later. Modern portfolio theory doesn’t take this into consideration. It also predates the advent of exchange traded funds (ETFs), the internet and, of course, cryptocurrencies. All of this is why Manward Letter introduced the world to “modern asset portfolio” theory – or MAP theory.

This concept is unique because it focuses on the way the markets work today instead of how they worked 70 years ago. It’s a truly modern take for modern investors. And it offers a proven strategy for anyone looking to grow their wealth or start investing… And everyone in between.

Manward Letter Review: What Subscribers Get

Readers of this Manward Letter review should first know that they have the option of subscribing to a digital-only version or a digital and print version. The print version comes with a (naturally) printed monthly edition delivered right to your door and the digital subscription.

The digital version will consist of access to the Manward Letter website and investment advice delivered right to your inbox from Andy Snyder himself. It consists of the same content, you’ll just have to read it on a device with internet access. And it’s a bit cheaper because printing costs are cut from the equation.

But regardless of which Manward Letter version sounds more appealing to you, all subscribers are privy a bevy of investment research and market commentary from some of the leading minds in the space. In addition to Andy Snyder, subscribers will also have access to insight from Alpesh Patel and Joel Salatin.

In return for your subscription dollars, readers are privy to all Manward Letter research. This includes past issues as well as semi-annual reports developed to help readers navigate the markets.

Most importantly though, subscribers to Manward Letter will be the first to know about all “buy” and “sell” recommendations pinpointed by the proprietary modern asset portfolio system. The portfolio recommendations take the guesswork out of investing and help you build a lucrative collection of stocks, options and cryptocurrencies that built to last in these times.

What’s more, all positions are updated daily with current “buy,” “sell” or “hold” ratings. You can easily access these through the Manward Letter website. And these updates also come with weekly alerts that update positions and the useful commentary behind what’s moving the markets.

Bonus Analysis

Subscribers to Manward Letter also receive a complimentary subscription to the Manward Financial Digest e-letter. In this bonus six-times-a-week newsletter, readers receive timely market news that actually matters. As one subscriber put it:

“… With so much noise out there right now and conflicting information, fake news, etc. I appreciate your insights and perspectives, and the knowledge you share with readers, helping us all to be better informed, educated and self-reliant.”

As you can see from this Manward Letter review, there’s a whole lot packed into this subscription. And beyond the near-daily research and analysis, Manward Letter subscribers are also granted access to an extensive video library. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics for both new and experienced investors.

Looking for the best discount brokerage? Manward has you covered. These are also lessons on setting trailing stops, executing your first trade and how to start investing in crypto. There is also a monthly video call where Andy Snyder answers readers most pressing questions. Though fair warning, he doesn’t offer individual investing advice.

Manward Letter Review: The Bottom Line

We’ve been following Manward Letter pretty much since it launched in 2016. And we’ve enjoyed watching it grow over the years. When it first started, it was mostly just Andy Snyder at the helm. But as we mentioned above, he’s been welcoming some iconic minds into the fold in recent years.

So in addition to Andy’s analysis, readers also get expert analysis from Alpesh Patel. For those unaware of Alpesh, he’s the recipient of one of Britain’s highest civilian honors. He’s a member of the Order of the British Empire for his service to the economy. Not too shabby!

And not to be overlooked, the self-proclaimed “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin also pens a weekly column for Manward Letter subscribers. You might have heard him on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Or maybe you’ve seen one of the 12 books he’s authored at a bookstore. Either way, his polarizing takes on the economics have earned him fans (and detractors) around the world. To those in the know, he’s either the “high priest of pasture” or a charlatan and starvation advocate. But whichever camp you find yourself in, it’s almost impossible to read his weekly column and not spend time thinking about it afterwards.

To conclude this Manward Letter review, we need to address the elephant in the room though. Is the subscription cost worth it? For us, the answer is simple. Absolutely. Unlike many other financial newsletters out there, Manward Letter cuts to the chase offering readers the most pertinent info they need to survive and thrive… No matter what the current market conditions are. And it’s all packaged up in a simple, easy-to-understand language that any investor can make sense of.