COVID-19 has brought the world – and the markets – to its knees.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average went from hitting all-time highs to losing 30% of its value… in a little more than a month!

Along the way we’ve endured several of the worst trading sessions for the Dow and S&P 500 since 1987. And we suffered the worst days ever for the Nasdaq and Russell 2000.

That’s why we’re tackling the question of “What is our COVID-19 game plan?”

I don’t believe investors should panic. In times of crisis, we can find some of our best opportunities.

So today we discuss what areas of the market are looking attractive, as well as some short-term hedging strategies investors can use on a day-to-day basis in this fast-paced environment if they want.

And in this volatile time, I also talk about gold and what I think investors should allocate for it.

This is a can’t-miss episode for anyone who’s worried about COVID-19 or the current bear market.

Here’s to high returns,