Penny stock movers are great for day traders. They usually refer to short-term big moves in price. However, they can also play a bigger role in the growth of the company and stock. And they are even good for long term investors to look at sometimes.

Below are some of the top penny stock movers that are pushing big gains recently.

Penny stocks can take your money fast. But, if you don’t really know what you are doing with penny stocks, you can lose a lot of money. They are more volatile than other stocks, so it’s important to do your homework on these.

For example, look into the company, and how it differentiates itself from others. How does the leadership look? Is the company profitable? Is it growing?

Additionally, ask lots of questions and do lots of quality research. And make a solid decision before trading or investing.

Best penny stock movers to buy now.

Top Penny Stock Movers

  1. Corporate Universe (OTC: COUV)
  2. Palayan Resources Inc. (OTC: PLYN)
  3. Galera Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: GRTX)
  4. For The Earth Corp./ Integrity Health Corp. (OTC: FTEG)
  5. Solanex Management (OTC: SLNX)
  6. XSport Global Inc. (OTC: XSPT)
  7. Icoa Inc. (OTC: ICOA)
  8. Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc. (OTC: AMBS)
  9. Gold and Gemstone Mining Inc. (OTC: GGSM)
  10. Galaxy Next Generation Inc. (OTC: GAXY)

Penny Stock Movers Today

Corporate Universe

Corporate Universe is a company that buys companies. To clarify, they buy stock and whole businesses. Then, it finds ways to produce cash flow. If the acquired business needs help, they offer money and management support, too.

In addition, they build the company up, and make it profitable. Their holdings are across many various industries.

The CEO is great for his position with this company. He has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur. And, he’s been starting and building businesses for a long time.

This stock is not only a good short-term trade, but could be a great long-term investment as well.

Palayan Resources Inc.

Palayan Resources is a penny stock mover that’s a very similar company to Corporate Universe. It plans to acquire and build many companies. The company wants to provide financial and managerial support to them. It likes to target large, private businesses. And in doing so, Palayan can offer its own public stock that’s available in one place.

Currently, Palayan is working to find and acquire property for minerals.

Palayan arms itself with leadership with lots of industry experience. And they seem very committed to making the companies grow and profit.

They have a great strategy that they use to get new companies. And they make that strategy public, too.

With strict rules, they only will consider companies that meet certain criteria. This penny stock mover looks like it’s set up for success.

Galera Therapeutics Inc.

Galera focuses on oncology. It works solely towards improving cancer therapies and treatments. The company has a pipeline to get treatments out, and a range of different solutions for various cancers. These include cancers of the head and neck, lungs and pancreas.

In addition, it has a great team that seems ready for anything. A Chief Medical Officer, a Chief Scientific Officer and a Chief Legal and Compliance Officer are all part of their team. And these people have the experience to support Galera well.

This is a penny stock mover that could see some more big gains.

For The Earth Corp. (Integrity Health Corp.)

Integrity has a mission to bring proven alternative medicine to the mainstream. It’s recently opened a new medical office in Florida. It’s called MedSpa.

They’ve brought in a new Director of Sales, Patty Till. She has over 30 years of experience in healthcare sales. Additionally, she has experience working in Fortune 500 companies. And seems to bring a lot to the table for this penny stock mover.

Solanex Management

Solanex is still a development stage company, but it looks like it’s added a Mexican land asset to its arsenal. And they are planning to extract oil from it.

The company was founded in 2000, and they’ve been involved in such activities as raising capital and acquiring assets. In addition, they are focusing on Central and South America, and are in the energy industry.

XSport Global Inc.

XSport has created a social media platform that helps connect people in the sports world. Sports of any kind are welcome. It helps athletes find trainers or nutritionists.

And it also helps fans find and connect with their favorite athletes. This could be a penny stock mover that really takes off in the future.

Icoa Inc.

Icoa has huge clients, including Anheuser Busch. The company doesn’t make beer for them, but they act as a call center. Icoa provides call center and web calling solutions for companies big and small. And it runs its services via the cloud. Because of that, the company has seen a 99.9% increase in uptime.

It offers many solutions that allow for scaling the business, and offering customer support.

Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc.

Amarantus is a penny stock mover that’s in the biotech arena. The company offers treatments of diseases in neurology, regeneration and rare diseases. It is a very small company, founded in 2008.

Something I found that isn’t a good sign with this company, is that the website link is listed. But, when you click it, the site has been taken down. This may be a sign of cutting corners. Or, it could be that they are just revamping their website.

Penny Stock Movers: Gold and Gemstone Mining Inc.

I think the market of this penny stock mover is obvious. Gold and Gemstone Mining acquires properties, and mine for gold and other gems. Particularly, with a focus on Mexico.

Right now, the company is focused on its first three mines.

Penny Stock Movers: Galaxy Next Generation Inc.

This penny stock mover is a company that provides education materials. More specifically, it provides the correct tools. Some of its products are 4K interactive touch panels. And technology that allows all classrooms to be locked down with one touch of a button.

Additionally, Galaxy Next Generation offers distance learning software. Plus, scheduled bell ringing, and other interactive education tools.

Galaxy Next Generation allows people to become resellers. Moreover, this is great for the company because this allows them to scale very easily.