Penny stocks can be a fun and exciting way to invest! And Christmas is winding up fast. So I’ve complied a list of a few penny stocks to buy now if you’re short on cash. Or just feel like splurging on yourself a little.

The top five stocks are picks that I think would make great investments.

Further down the post, I provide another long list. Further, these penny stocks are companies that have over 100% gross profit margins.

Best penny stocks to buy now.

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now

  1. Esports Entertainment (Nasdaq: GMBL)
  2. Foresight Autonomous Holdings (Nasdaq: FRSX)
  3. Gerdau (NYSE: GGB)
  4. Meta Materials (Nasdaq: MMAT)
  5. Trivago (Nasdaq: TRVG)

Penny Stocks to Buy

Esports Entertainment

Market Cap: $113 million

Esports is a penny stock that does business in the entertainment industry. More specifically, it works in the esports, betting and casino business. And the vision includes bringing fans and players together.

If you aren’t aware of what esports are, it’s video gaming on a professional large scale. And there are fans that gather for events. This usually happens in centers and stadiums.

And, the company recently struck a deal with the Eagles football team and the Buccaneers. In short, this esports stock is definitely one to add to your list of penny stocks to buy now.

Foresight Autonomous Holdings

Market Cap: $144 million

Foresight has technology that gives 3d feedback to cars. This is useful for autonomous driving. And they’re able to use this in many industries. Industries like agriculture, defense, shuttles and even commercial cars.

In conclusion, this penny stock’s leadership has lots of success and experience in their fields. So, I encourage you to check them out on the website.


Market Cap: $7 billion

Gerdau is a great penny stock to buy now if you’re looking to take advantage of the new infrastructure bill. It has steel mills all over North and South America. And it’s the largest long steel producer in South America.

The company runs mills and business in the United States. Also, Mexico, Canada and various Latin American countries. With so many areas covered, it’s not crazy to think they would provide much of the steel we will use in the coming years.

Meta Materials

Market Cap: $1 billion

More than likely, this penny stock hasn’t been purchased by Mark Zuckerberg. But, it does provide Augmented Reality solutions. And those solutions could easily make this a good investment into the meta industry.

In October 2021, this penny stock purchased Nanotech Security Corp. Nanotech is a leading security company. However, it does something different than other security companies. To clarify, Nanotech provides brand protection through visual encryption.


Market Cap: $791 million

Trivago is probably a great penny stock to buy now. Because, come spring and summer, they will be well on their way. High returns on investment are likely, as we saw this past spring and summer.

There might be a second wave of COVID-19 cabin fever. Trivago is a good option for the travel industry because it’s a global company. Plus, it’s incredibly scalable.

Penny Stocks to Buy Now With Over 100% Gross Profit Margins:

  1. Edgewater Wireless Systems, Inc. (OTC: KPIFF)
  2. Willow Biosciences, Inc. (OTC: CANSF)
  3. Whiting USA Trust II (OTC: WHZT)
  4. Omnia Wellness Inc. (OTC: OMWS)
  5. Weconnect Tech International Inc. (OTC: WECT)
  6. VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (OTC: VSBGF)
  7. VirnetX Holding Corp. (NYSE: VHC)
  8. Vior Inc. (OTC: SXMVF)
  9. Meridian Mining UK Societas (OTC: MRRDF)
  10. Orchard Therapeutics Plc. (Nasdaq: ORTX)
  11. Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc. (OTC: RTSL)
  12. Tempus Resources Ltd. (OTC: TMRFF)
  13. Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. (OTC: AACTF)
  14. SPYR, Inc. (OTC: SPYR)
  15. Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (OTC: OASMY)
  16. Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (OTC: ASHXF)
  17. Solid Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq: SLDB)
  18. Snowline Gold Corp. (OTC: SNWGF)
  19. Silver Mines Ltd. (OTC: SLVMF)
  20. Aurion Resources Ltd. (OTC: AIRRF)

“The Final Word” and Other Opportunities for Penny Stock Investments

Penny stocks are fun little investment vehicles when you’re getting into stocks. In addition, they’re also wonderful for seasoned investors who want some higher returns. These investors know what they’re doing. And some still invest in penny stocks because they know they can make large amounts of money.

However, when you invest in these penny stocks to buy now, remember to do your homework. Also, make sure the business has solid leadership. In addition, you want something that addresses a specific unmet need in the market.

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To sum up, if you have all these down, plus check off a couple other boxes, you’ll be good to go.