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34 Penny Stocks List Under $1 Trading on Robinhood

Penny stocks are wonderful if you know how to find good ones to invest in. And some of the best are listed on Robinhood, which makes them easy to buy and sell. It’s also important to do your homework on these companies (do not skip, very important).

Before diving into the penny stocks list below, it’s important to understand the risks…

penny stocks list investment chart gains

List of Penny Stocks Comes With Risk

Penny stocks are cheap and tend to be more volatile. This can be as much good as it can be bad. Yes, you can make unheard of returns on penny stocks. But, the opposite is also true.

While you can’t go into debt if a stock goes bad, you can lose your entire investment.

It’s important to diversify your money invested. And never invest what you aren’t willing to lose.

This post is a bit different than some of the others I’ve done in the past. I’ve not done any research on them, so I don’t know if they would make good investments or not. But, the list is nice and long so you can pick and choose which ones you like and don’t.

Do your due diligence. And don’t skip this step. If you are going to win in the markets, it’s important you don’t randomly choose. That especially goes for penny stocks.

If you don’t know how to do due diligence? Here a good place to start. Some of the main things I like to look for are…

What is the stock price doing and what has it done in the past? What does the stock chart look like? If in a downward trend, has it broken its trend recently?

Do the company’s leaders have success behind them in their relevant field? Or do they have the skills needed to do their job well?

How long has the company been around? What do its quarterly profits and earnings look like? Is the company growing or shrinking? Does it reward shareholders with dividends? If so, has it been increasing the payouts?

What industry is the company in? One that’s projected to grow a lot in the coming years? If it’s a new one, how useful is it?

I also like to look at the news to see what the company has been doing lately.

There’s a lot to look for when researching companies to invest in. Although, you don’t have to do it alone. To find some top stock research, check out these free investing e-letters. They’re packed with tips and tricks from investing experts.

Below, I’ve compiled a penny stocks list for you to check out on Robinhood.

These stocks are all under $1, all listed on Robinhood and I’ve separated them by industry…

Penny Stocks List for Robinhood Investors

Technology Penny Stocks

  1. Inuvo Inc. (NYSE: INUV)
  2. Cyren Ltd (Nasdaq: CYRN)
  3. 17 Education and Technology Group Inc. (Nasdaq: YQ)
  4. Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX)
  5. Mogu Inc. (NYSE: MOGU)
  6. Borqs Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: BRQS)
  7. LAIX Inc. (NYSE: LAIX)
  8. SuperCom Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Nasdaq: SPCB)

Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks List

  1. Ensysce Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq: ENSC)
  2. Brickell Biotech Inc. (Nasdaq: BBI)
  3. Therapeutics MD Inc. (Nasdaq: TXMD)
  4. Evofem Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq: EVFM)
  5. Palatin Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PTN)
  6. Celsion Corporation (Nasdaq: CLSN)
  7. Abeona Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: ABEO)
  8. Advaxis Inc. (Nasdaq: ADXS)
  9. Aeterna Zentaris Inc. (Nasdaq: AEZS)
  10. Oragenics Inc. (NYSE: OGEN)
  11. Synthetic Biologics Inc. (NYSE: SYN)
  12. Baudax Bio Inc. (Nasdaq: BXRX)
  13. Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: IDRA)
  14. Pulmatrix Inc. (Nasdaq: PULM)
  15. Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (Nasdaq: TNXP)

Real Estate and Finance Penny Stocks

  1. Avalon GloboCare Corp (Nasdaq: AVCO)
  2. Q&K International Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: QK)
  3. Weidai Ltd. (NYSE: WEI)
  4. Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: PT)

Energy and Water Penny Stocks List

  1. Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (NYSE: GTE)
  2. Evolve Transition Infrastructure LP (NYSE: SNMP)
  3. Pyxis Tankers Inc. (Nasdaq: PXS)

Miscellaneous Penny Stocks

  1. United States Antimony (NYSE: UAMY) – Industrial Metals and Minerals Industry
  2. Sundial Growers (Nasdaq: SNDL) – Cannabis Industry
  3. Blolase Inc. (Nasdaq: BIOL) – Biotech Industry
  4. Onesmart International Education Group Ltd A ADR (NYSE: ONE) – Education Industry

Investing In and Beyond Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can be fun to invest in. Especially when you can find a winning company. They’ve helped some people become “overnight millionaires” in the stock market.

But, proceed with caution. Only invest a little at first. Penny stocks can and do easily wipe out people’s savings.

Research the company and make sure it checks some areas off on your due diligence list. Make sure it’s a good company. One you agree with and is making a good difference in the world long-term. Make sure it is growing, or at least has amazing leadership pushing it along. Check its financial reports as well.

And always remember that when you invest, you’re investing in a business… not simply throwing your money into a “stock.” Is the company going to continue to grow? Or is it going to stagnate and fade away?

Have fun doing your homework with this penny stocks list, and have fun investing. If you’re looking for expert research, consider signing up for Trade of the Day below. It’s a free e-letter that’s packed with tips and tricks from investing experts.


Vanessa Adelman graduated with an Interdisciplinary degree. She majored in Entrepreneurship, Painting, Music and Film. Shortly after, she received a copywriting mentorship with Mark Morgan Ford. Then, she earned her AWAI Verification. Now, Vanessa freelances in the financial direct response industry. She’s been investing since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys books about money and wealth. She loves being with her boyfriend, hunting, fishing and going on outdoor adventures.

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