Promising penny stocks are always exciting to watch. And they’re even more exciting to buy. That feeling you get as you’re checking off your requirements for a stock – sheer joy.

If the penny stock you’re looking into turns out to be a potential winner, you might decide to invest. You start running the numbers in your head. If you put $1,000 in, and it went up by X %, you could come out with… how much??

Then you might think, “What if I had $10,000 to invest?!”

Promising penny stocks are exciting. And with practice, you’ll likely make money. When you have a winning stock, it usually more than makes up for your losses.

Penny stocks, even promising ones, are very volatile. This volatility can bring your money up and make you great returns. This can also take your money very low.

And if you buy out when things are low, you could lose your entire investment sum. Plus, you’ll take away that power you had to make more money.

Learn how to find winning stocks. Learn how to invest. Plan before investing and stick to the plan. And you’ll be golden.

Promising penny stocks are always exciting to watch.

Most Promising Penny Stocks to Buy

No. 4 Gerdau (NYSE: GGB)

Gerdau is a Latin American steel producer. In fact, it’s the largest producer in all Latin America. The company specializes in long steel, and has mills in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and many others.

Gerdau was founded in 1901, so it’s been around a long time. They obviously know what they’re doing, and have the track record to prove it.

Right now would be a great time to buy this promising penny stock. Especially with the huge infrastructure spending bill coming into effect. It’s likely Gerdau will soon get a large uptick in revenue in the coming years.

It has a market cap just under $7.5 billion. It’s a large company, which could capture our government’s attention, too.

Gerdau’s leadership looks as though it would be problematic. The top four management positions are filled by people with the same last name.

But, obviously, it’s been working for Gerdau, since it’s the largest steel business in Latin America.

No. 3 Team Inc. (NYSE: TISI)

Team Inc. was founded all the way back in 1973. And the market cap sits at a mere $51 million. These two factors make it a great combination for a promising penny stock. It has a long history with a small market cap. Its foundation is solid, and it’s a slow-growing company.

Unless something major happens, it’ll continue to grow slow and steady.

Team Inc.’s headquarters is located in Sugar Land, Texas. The company provides various industrial solutions for many different markets. Serving the chemical and petrochemical, pipeline and aerospace industries is its top priority.

Providing mechanical inspection, concrete repair and others, Team helps companies maintain profitability. Plus, it ensures a long life for the assets it services.

This is a promising penny stock, but it’s one you may want to watch for a bit. With talk of shutting down another pipeline, Team might see some revenue loss.

But on the flip side, there may be a plan to do some reconstruction and reopening. If that’s the case, Team will likely see revenue growth long-term.

No. 2 Ion Geophysical Corp (NYSE: IO)

Ion is another company with a long track record and small market cap. It sits at $54 million, so there’s plenty of room to grow. And, it was founded in 1968.

Ion is a unique company with a great edge. On a global scale, the company provides seismic data to the oil and gas industry.

Meaning, it has a library full of records about how the earth’s plates are moving.

Plus, Ion provides equipment, planning and seismic processing services. This is so its clients can do their own research if they choose.

Ion’s leadership is great. The CEO has over 25 years of seismic processing experience in the field. The CFO has over 25 years in finance, accounting, and management. All the other leaders in executive positions also have lots of hands-on experience in their respective fields.

This promising penny stock has the huge advantage of time in the business, along with experienced leaders, and a unique marketing edge to drive its success.

Most Promising Penny Stocks to Buy No. 1 Trivago (Nasdaq: TRVG)

Despite what you know about Trivago, it’s a tech company. Trivago specializes in matching hotels and travel products to customers. The company uses the internet to help people get deals on and book air tickets, cruise tickets, hotels, etc.

Expedia owns much of their stock, which is an interesting fact.

It’s market cap sits at $922 million, so it isn’t quite to the $1 billion mark just yet. It still has some good room to stretch and grow.

Leadership at Trivago seems to be working well for them. When the company first started, the founder brought in some new leaders.

Those same people have pulled the company all the way up to this point. So, it’s been highly successful. And past performance is the best sign of future performance.

Trivago went downhill with the coronavirus, and is still recovering. The travel industry has been harmed in a big way, but it will ramp back up again. That’s what makes this a very promising penny stock.

Promising Penny Stocks Opportunities

Penny stocks can be rewarding. If you find a great one that has a lot of potential, you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

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Any of the above promising penny stocks are good choices, but do your due diligence. There might be stocks you’re considering. Then, after doing some homework, you might decide not to buy them. When this happens, you’ll be very happy you investigated the company to see if it would make a good investment.