An Introduction to Making Money by Selling Put Options

If there’s a stock you know you want to invest in but it’s trading a bit higher than you’d like, it’s high time to make some money selling put options.

Put Options: An Introduction and How to Trade Them

Here’s how put options work and how you can profit.

Selling Naked Put Options: Get Paid to Buy Stocks at a Discount

Let’s say you’ve been interested in buying Microsoft stock and you feel $20 is a good price to pick up some shares. It currently trades at $23.50 per share, so you’ll need…

Selling Naked Put Options

How to Recover When Your Option Trades Turn Against You

How to Sell Put Options and Snag the Market’s Daily Deals

Selling Naked Puts: An Options Trading Strategy

It’s not as sexy as it sounds. But it can make you money.