RSI: The Ultimate Overbought/Oversold Indicator

The relative strength index is like a thermometer for stocks, helping you gauge if they’re too “hot” or “cold.”

Using Relative Strength to Detect Future Rallies

Everyone knows the U.S. emerged strongest from the 2008 financial crisis. Yet few understand how to turn this information into a well-hedged investment in stocks.

For Investors, This Is the True Color of Opportunity

At the end of last week, the Dow shed more than 270 points, sparking fear in many investors. But that’s the complete wrong way to look at this situation.

Technical Tuesday: How to Use Moving Averages

Even companies with strong fundamentals will see their stock prices fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. And there are few things more disappointing than seeing a big loss on a high quality position. One way to increase the odds of entering your trade before a big advance is to use the stock’s moving averages.

Technical Tuesday: How to Stick With the Long-Term Trend

Today I’ll use technical analysis to show you the easiest approach I’ve ever seen to outperforming the stock market on a long-term basis. It could lower your risk and boost your gains dramatically.

How an Investment Portfolio of 9 Rappers Beat the Market

“The game is rigged…” That’s the lament from a lot of investors over the last few years. I feel for the people who share that view. It means they got burned…

How an Investment Portfolio of 9 Rappers Beat the Market

J-Charts: The Next Evolution of Technical Analysis

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the analysis itself is becoming more mathematical and/or scientific. But that doesn’t make it more attractive to average investors…

J-Charts: The Next Evolution of Technical Analysis

Stock Bar Charts Demystified

Simply put, bar charts provide a visual representation of the price activity over a given period of time. And it may be the most commonly used…

Stock Bar Charts Demystified