Every investor needs a tech stocks list for their portfolio. In fact, the technology sector regularly outperforms the market overall.

However, there is a lot to consider before buying in to these companies. Are you interested in large cap companies that pay out dividends? Possibly looking into tech penny stocks or initial public offerings (IPOs)? The list below is a great mix of tech stocks that can enhance your portfolio. It has some major market movers and hidden gems.

Best tech stocks list available

Top Tech Stocks List for Every Investor

Investors must evolve with the market. And the technology sector moves quicker than most. Therefore, it’s important to keep your tech stocks list up to date.

This list covers the household names and dividend-paying tech stocks that have become a staple for many investors.

  • Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)
  • Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN)
  • Alphabet (Nasdaq: GOOGL)
  • Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)
  • Xerox Holdings (NYSE: XRX)
  • Intel (Nasdaq: INTC)
  • HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ)
  • Salesforce (NYSE: CRM)

The financial history and future outlook of the companies above are as powerful as any in the industry today. This alone makes each a pretty safe addition to your tech stocks list. But you may want to consider diving into cheaper tech stocks that are on the rise. These include…

  • LightPath Technologies (Nasdaq: LPTH)
  • Lantronix Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX)
  • Himax Technologies (Nasdaq: HIMX)
  • Pixelworks (Nasdaq: PXLW)
  • Research Frontiers (Nasdaq: REFR)
  • FlexShopper (Nasdaq: FPAY)
  • GreenSky (Nasdaq: GSKY)
  • Smith Micro Software Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI).

Tech penny stocks are gaining momentum and have the potential to explode higher. There’s more risk, but there’s also a chance at massive returns. Over the last 12 months, these are some of the cheaper stocks with the highest returns and earnings per share (EPS) growth.

Household-Name Tech Stocks

Can you imagine what the world would look like today without the likes of Apple, Amazon, Google or Microsoft? That same question applies to the stock market. Where would the market be without these four juggernauts?

Blue chip stocks are an essential piece to the puzzle. And there are no bigger players in technology than these four. Some investors buy these stocks as the foundation of their portfolios, while others use them to determine current and future trends in the market.

Nevertheless, you can’t create a tech stocks list without having them at the top. Microsoft is trading at more than $200, while Apple stock is pushing toward $500 a share. Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, is sitting above $1,500 while Amazon is the highest at more than $3,100 a share.

Dividend-Paying Tech Stocks

While Amazon and Alphabet do not pay dividends, Microsoft and Apple do. Moreover, Apple has one of the biggest dividends in the world next to Exxon Mobil‘s (NYSE: XOM). As of August 2020, Apple is paying shareholders a dividend of $0.82 per share.

Outside of the household names are a few dividend-paying tech stocks to add to the list. These include Xerox, Intel, HP and Salesforce.

Xerox is a worldwide leader in the development and sale of document management systems. It produces more than $9 billion in annual revenue and is a highly profitable company with a safe dividend yield.

Intel is one of the largest manufacturers of microprocessors in the world, with high return expectations over the coming years. HP, on the other hand, has become a jack of all trades with printers, mobile devices and computers.

Salesforce may be an unlikely name for the tech stocks list, but it deserves its place. It has one of the best dividends you can find for that matter.

The customer relationship management and technology company has been among the S&P 500 Index’s strongest growth companies since 2009. Its tools and cloud platform have become premier resources for companies to improve their relationships with clients. From an investor’s point of view, this is a difficult tech stock to pass up.

Investing in the Tech Industry

You may be wondering why Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) didn’t make the list. Well, it does fit within the industry at large, but it fits better in the clean energy and electric vehicle space. It also doesn’t have a long history or track record of profitability. However, as mentioned above, it’s important to keep your list up to date, and Tesla is certainly a company to consider going forward.

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The technology industry is built to last while reaching new heights quicker than ever before. Utilize this tech stocks list as a great guide for your portfolio going forward.

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