Due to the “Corona Crash” disrupting the world, real estate went from expensive to dirt cheap almost overnight.

According to Income Expert Marc Lichtenfeld, real estate now looks exactly the same, if not better, than it did in 2009.

Looking back, many different real estate plays delivered huge wins for investors.

For example, you could have bought Lamar Advertising shares for just $6.92 in 2009. Within five years, those shares were up to $53. Another big winner was Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust. In 2009, shares were just $3, and in four years, those shares went up to more than $21.

Many sectors of the real estate market are still sporting some of the lowest prices since the housing crisis. And real estate is not just some investment fad like penny stocks or cryptocurrency, where the whole business could go belly up. It involves real assets with real value.

Billionaires like George Soros… Sam Zell… and even Donald Trump have made massive fortunes with this approach.

Today, Marc has identified three real estate stocks that are ridiculously cheap and have 5X to 10X potential. He also has one specific real estate investment that he believes is a must-buy.

So let’s take a look at his latest research on the Great 2020 Real Estate Redo…

Reviewing the Great 2020 Real Estate Redo

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are some of Marc’s favorite stocks to recommend to readers. With his research, he has been able to help investors see large gains, such as 106% on Four Corners Property Trust (NYSE: FCPT) and 247% on a data center REIT.

Using his strictest research criteria, Marc identified the top three REITs on the market and his favorite way to play the impending real estate rebound.

But before we get to that, what do these criteria look like according to Marc?

  1. The REIT must be trading at a big discount to previous highs so you can get as many shares as possible.
  2. The REIT must have a long history of increasing its payments as it acquires more properties and collects more rent.
  3. The REIT must operate in a booming sector. This will make it more likely that the shares themselves multiply in value.
  4. The REIT must be lesser-known so you can get in at a good price before everyone else discovers it.

Now that we’ve covered Marc’s research criteria, let’s go over what these top three REITs are all about.

The first is a technology REIT that rents out data centers to huge companies. The second is an industrial REIT that rents out logistics real estate for e-commerce – think warehouses and supply chain buildings. The third is a play on legal marijuana.

All three of these REITs are trading at a hefty discount because of the recent crash and are set to benefit greatly from the rebound.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Marc’s single must-buy real estate investment… It’s a little more speculative than the REITs mentioned above. But with that risk comes the chance for a higher return.

And below you can take a look at some feedback Marc has received from his readers over the years…

Marc Lichtenfeld Reviews

Marc Lichtenfeld is certainly not new to sharing his best investment ideas and research. He has been helping many readers over the years generate solid gains and has heard dozens of success stories from his subscribers…

“I’m up $2,500 [600%-plus] in two months. Woo-hoo!” – Matthew M.

“I made $6,000 [30%]. Not bad for a couple weeks!” – Sarah S.

“Marc, I made $11,000 [63.5% in six weeks]… Thank you!” – Ken M.

“Our family made $1.3 million [907% in 10 months] on this!” – Anthony V.

“I had $381,000 in my investment account at the end of 2008. Then I started using Marc Lichtenfeld’s research. By the end of 2017, my investment account totaled in excess of $2.7 million.” – Kevin H.

These are just a few examples of some of the feedback he has received over the years. Marc Lichtenfeld has shown his readers that great stocks can lead to even greater profits. And he urges readers to take advantage of the Great 2020 Real Estate Redo.

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