Let’s get started on today’s Trade of the Day

Two stocks that members have played before in The War Room – and that I continue to like – are Costco and Walmart.

Right now, the Costco options premiums are insane – which could open the door for you to trade Walmart.

You see, right now, after years of preparation, Walmart’s online grocery business is having its so-called “big moment.”

Here in the new “virus economy,” online grocery shopping has surged – and Walmart stands to capitalize.

Its curbside pickup, which requires less human contact, could make it the primary e-grocer in America.

Right now, Walmart is capturing a massive 58% market share of new e-grocer customers.

Look at these stats…

Walmart has 3,200 locations that allow you to pick up groceries curbside, and 1,600 of those locations deliver straight to your door.

Plus, 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart – and 56% of Walmart’s sales are now from groceries.

When it comes to a winner, it sure looks like Walmart is ready to be the new Amazon of this virus economy.

Here’s another thought…

As soon as America finally decides to take this virus seriously, which I think is now starting to happen, you could see a run of people going to Walgreens (Nasdaq: WBA) to stock up on healthcare supplies – similar to what we saw people doing with toilet paper last week.

If and when that happens, Walgreens should receive a bump – and some safe-haven buying interest.

The key word here is “should.”

Action Plan: Given how Costco and Walmart have popped recently, I like the idea of using this pullback on Walgreens to establish an upside position going into April.

If Walgreens follows suit, this could be another safe-haven winner in the midst of this market madness.