Financial Freedom

How the Experts Got It Wrong Again

Experts created widely publicized models showing the potential death toll of COVID-19, but these fail to account for additional impacts on health and wealth.

The Only Way to Withstand Crisis

If this pandemic showed us only one thing, it is how fragile most folks live. Here’s how to keep your head while everyone else is losing theirs.

Use This Bear Market to Collect Free Money

Every wealth builder should focus on maximizing total return, which means minimizing taxes. The recent bear market has created an important opportunity.

A New Way to Think About Retirement Income

Investors who focus on income first often make poor investment moves. Here’s why liquid securities offer the best wealth protection during this crisis.

Coercion Is Not Freedom

It’s one thing for a society, and even politicians, to strongly suggest an action or encourage societal behavior in a certain direction. But making it a law is another…

A Reward for the Unprepared

A $2 trillion “stimulus” package was passed into law last week. And the nation cheered. But we say we should all hang our heads and weep.

Coronavirus Work-From-Home Jobs – 10 Ways to Increase Your Income During the Outbreak

During the coronavirus, work-from-home jobs and the ability to work…
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How to Beat the Coronavirus

In challenging times, it’s important to protect both your health and wealth. And to protect against disease, one of your strongest weapons is a healthy diet.