Financial Freedom

The Coronavirus Is Revealing an Even Greater Epidemic

Desperate times call for desperate measures… but our nation is taking the wrong measures. And that doesn’t bode well.

Investing In A Down Market: What You Should Know

The stock market dropped over 1,700 today so far, causing…
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The Most Dangerous Myths About Wealth

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is running on a myth that capitalism is oppressive, but our free market provides everyone a chance for true wealth.

The “Biden Bump” Powers the Market Higher

A growing political movement is openly hostile to wealth creation and fosters resentment toward investors. This is a truly alarming development.

The Beasts We Know Well

The Fed’s latest big decision is causing chaos. And we are oh so close to reaching a breaking point.

What Winston Churchill Would Have Advised About Today’s Market

The recent market correction has investors everywhere panicking. But if you really want to grow your wealth, heed this advice: Keep calm and carry on.

Human Rights Don’t Come With a Price Tag

We hear a lot about basic human rights these days. But how do we define true human rights in an entitled culture?

Want to Become Rich? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Financial ignorance in America is widespread, and it is costly, but you don’t need to be part of the statistic. You can grow your wealth, and become rich, by following these tips from Mark Ford.