Investment Opportunities

Cannabis Companies Spend Record Amount on Lobbying

Cannabis companies have spent a record amount on lobbying this year. Here’s why.

News Fix: Who Watches the Watchers?

In the news this week: Colleges become legal battlegrounds for cannabis, China praises blockchain and the Fix ponders who watches the watchers.

Buy Pot Stocks While Prices Are Low

Marijuana stocks have taken a big hit across the board. That means they’re a great buying opportunity.

Digging Up Golden Profits With Americas Gold and Silver

Why liquidity is important when getting in and out of a trade.

Invest in 5G Technology

For any investor intrigued by the possibilities of 5G, this video is a great introduction.

A Winning Trade with Crocs

Crocs are making a comeback.

The Opioid Crisis Cost Us Almost $200 Billion Last Year

The opioid crisis has cost American families, employers and the government billions of dollars. And we’re just beginning to see drug companies be held accountable. But there’s a silver lining.

Energy Efficiency: America’s Hidden Power Source

We use a lot of energy in the United States. Unfortunately, we waste far more. How can we fix this?