Investment Opportunities

Why Jack Bogle Is Smiling From Heaven

Jack Bogle introduced index funds in 1976. Today, they are still a major financial innovation and one of the easiest ways for investors to earn money.

Using the Nasdaq to Capitalize on Panic-Selling

The Nasdaq is set to exceed $20 billion.

Mailbag: Disruptors Can Still Be Disrupted

In this week’s Mailbag, the Early Investing team explains the difference between seed and Series A companies and what bitcoin maximalists get wrong.

News Fix: WeWork Can’t Shake Off Its IPO Woes

In the news this week, WeWork’s IPO woes continue, Massachusetts’ vape sales decline and the U.S. Army looks to hire crypto investigators.

Why Truly Groundbreaking Startups Are the Hardest to Invest In

Startups that challenge conventional thinking and go on to succeed are often the most profitable investments. But to take the plunge and invest in a truly crazy-sounding idea is one of the hardest things a startup investor can do.

Will the Porsche Taycan Sign Tesla’s Death Sentence?

Two weeks ago, Porsche introduced its first EV, the 2020 Taycan. How will this affect Tesla?

Playing Oil Price Uncertainty with Intercontinental Exchange

Why oil price shocks create more trading volume in the energy sector.

Datadog IPO: Should You Invest?

Datadog, a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring service, filed its IPO paperwork […]