Marijuana Stocks

More Canadians Are Using Legal Cannabis

The latest National Cannabis Survey shows more Canadians are getting their weed from legal sources. Here’s why that trend will continue.

Earnings Season Rocks North American Marijuana Market

The North American marijuana sector has been rocked by scandal – and then kicked while it was down by earnings misses.

NORML Activist on Expungement and Marijuana Reform

NORML Political Director Justin Strekal explains what needs to be done to pave the way for marijuana reform.

The List of Marijuana Stocks NOT Suffering Right Now

This week, we’re reminding investors that not ALL cannabis stocks are down. Here are the top performers from the past month.

New Marijuana Law in Ohio Accidentally Decriminalizes the Plant

Cities in Ohio have stopped prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana cases in light of a legislative mistake.

Two Questions to Ask at a Marijuana Dispensary

Learn more from Walt Rampata, the Monarch Botanicals and US Hemp Farms founder, as you can find a medical marijuana dispensary in various states today.

Applying Conservative Valuation Metrics to an Unorthodox Sector

We’re looking at marijuana stocks using one of the most conservative valuation metrics there is: price to tangible book value.

Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Market Grows Stronger

Colorado sold about twice as much recreational marijuana as medical marijuana last year. That’s a reflection of both the growing recreational market and Colorado’s smart way of approaching it.