Playing with genetics to form “better humans” is a science fiction fairy… Or is it? While these genetics stocks don’t strive to create The Human Race 2.0, they are quite advanced. Both in their technology and desire to help sick people.

These genetics stocks are companies that strive to use genetic editing to find cures. And the targeted diseases include cancer, those of the blood and others.

In addition, many of these disorders come from genetic mutations. So, these medical companies are finding ways to get rid of faulty genes and replace them with healthy ones.

You may be hesitant to invest in the companies I’ve outlined below.

But upon further inspection, you’ll find these companies have noble motivations.

Genetics stocks to invest in.

Genetics Stocks to Buy

  1. Fulgent Genetics (Nasdaq: FLGT)
  2. Illumina (Nasdaq: ILMN)
  3. Editas Medicine (Nasdaq: EDIT)
  4. 23andMe (Nasdaq: ME)
  5. Beam Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAM)
  6. Graphite Bio Inc. (Nasdaq: GRPH)
  7. Caribou Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq: CRBU)
  8. CRISPR Therapeutics AG (Nasdaq: CRSP)

Best Genetics Stocks

Fulgent Genetics

Market Cap: $2 billion

The first genetics stock to look at offers a variety of services. And these services help positively impact the everyday lives of people. Fulgent Genetics does this by using genetic testing.

For instance, tests that shed some light on rare diseases, genomes and parts of the cell. It’s clear they strive for high quality. Licenses and accreditations in seven states and associations are proof of that.

Additionally, the company offers COVID-19 testing on its website. Which I’m sure was a large source of income in the past two years. And it may even still provide a good chunk of change for them.

Fulgent strives to offer a wide variety of tests, and the most effective tests of anyone else.


Market Cap: $55 billion

Illumina is a biotech company and genetics stock that’s focused on COVID-19.

In addition, it provides cancer solutions. Microbiology, Agri genomics and genetic and rare diseases. Those are all part of the menu of markets Illumina serves.

The company provides a wide array of testing, services and products. And its even using genetic sequencing to try and save a lemur population.

Recently, in November 2021, they partnered with a large investment firm. The firm’s called Sequoia Capital China. The alliance formed to support startups. Specifically, those who are making breakthroughs in the genetic scene.

Editas Medicine

Market Cap: $2 billion

Editas focuses on using CRISPR technology to fix broken genes. By doing this, they hope to create solutions for diseases. In particular, those that can be cured through genetic manipulation.

Early in November, Editas produced data for a cancer treatment. This data was preclinical, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

The company talks a lot about gene editing. Not in the sense that we are all flawed, and we could produce “better humans.” But in the sense that sometimes, diseases come from mutations in our DNA. And there may be a way to “edit” those mutated genes.

The hope is that in doing so, they can cure many of the disorders that ruin lives.


Market Cap: $3 billion

This genetics stock began to investigate your ancestry. You order a kit, get it in the mail and then send them a DNA sample. 23andMe sends you back your results, and you get a look into your history, family and ancestors.

Further, the company provides services that tell you about your health. There are different kits you can buy. And each of the services gives different information about you.

Beam Therapeutics Inc.

Market Cap: $5 billion

Beam is a genetics stock that uses CRISPR technology. However, it differs from other companies a bit. It has figured out how to make edits to DNA and RNA without cutting any strands.

Beam also strives to create many medicines that directly influence DNA. With a handful of gene services, they are even able to make many different genetic edits all at the same time.

Graphite Bio Inc.

Market Cap: $557 million

Preclinical data is produced before testing can begin. Graphite has some preclinical data that shows they can cure sickle cell disease.

Graphite has an innate desire to help people with genetic diseases. And they focus on efficiency, too.

The name of this genetics stock is a reference to the breakthrough work of Dr. Rosalind Elsie Franklin, Ph.D.

She was the very first person to draw the structure of graphite. And in doing so, her research led to a much better understanding of DNA and RNA. And eventually, the illustration of those as well.

Caribou Biosciences Inc.

Market Cap: $1 billion

Caribou is in clinical stage, and it’s classified as a biopharma company. It’s home to those who’ve been paving the way with CRISPR technology. And Caribou focuses on helping people with cancer.

The leadership is strong and plentiful. And with over 14 licenses, it knows what it’s doing.

With two partnerships, the company is open to more. But the two partnerships it has now are with AbbVie and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Indeed, a great company run by great people.

Genetics Stocks: CRISPR Therapeutics AG

Market Cap: $5 billion

CRISPR focuses on coming up with solutions for blood diseases, diabetes and cancer. Along with other diseases, too.

This genetics stock has some great leadership, also. One of the co-founders even holds five patents for his own inventions.

In addition, CRISPR has several partnerships, including one with Bayer. Recently in November of 2021, they’ve begun clinical trials for Type 1 diabetes. And they are continuing to find solutions to more diseases.

“The Final Word” and Other Opportunities for Genetics Stocks

You may be a bit freaked out by talk of cherry-picking genes, and rightfully so. Who knows, maybe you’re excited by it.

As futuristic as that is, vanity doesn’t seem to be the focus of gene-editing businesses. It’s obvious they want to do what they can to get rid of these terrible disorders.

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