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Green Moon Crypto: Should You Add This New Token to Your Wallet?

When a new token comes onto the block, it can generate a lot of buzz… At least if the marketing team behind it is doing its job. And when it comes to Green Moon crypto (GRM), that appears to be the case. But is the hype behind it warranted?

An image representing Green Moon crypto.

In just a few of days after its launch, Green Moon’s value shot up a couple thousand percent. Maybe we’re a bit jaded about these initial coin offerings, but for that just doesn’t seem sustainable. But the promise of riches is capturing the attention and imagination of investors.  There are a couple of red flags to note though.

First, Green Moon crypto is marketed as a long-term hold. A 12.5% tax is applied to any buy or sell transaction. This tax is then applied to three things. A third is used to return liquidity to ensure stability to the token’s value. Another third is used to repurchase Green Moon and then destroy it. This is done to keep the value going up. And the last third is applied to marketing purposes.

While none of that sounds terrible on paper, the project’s white paper notes that over time this should increase the value of each Green Moon crypto token to $21,000,000. That’s a pretty grandiose figure for a token trading around $0.007 a piece. Don’t plan on holding your breath ‘till that happens.

The other figure that caught our attention was that the team anticipates Green Moon’s value to increase by 12.5% every eight hours. If it lives up to that promise, Green Moon will be catching up to Bitcoin in a matter of months… And that seems a little unlikely.

Is Green Moon Crypto Going to the Moon?

Maybe we’ll be proven wrong. Maybe Green Moon crypto will manage to rise in value by 12.5% every eight hours in perpetuity. And maybe it will mint a whole new round of super rich crypto investors. After all, its initial target price was $0.0000000001. So, it’s already made some impressive strides. But man, it sure feels like a rug pull.

That being said, maybe… just maybe, the hype touted by the marketing team funded by that transaction tax isn’t just hype. Again, we’re not holding our breath. That encouragement to hold long-term just sounds like a way to build up the number of holders (while increasing the value) before the founders cash out and abandon ship. Jaded? Perhaps. But we’ve seen it before. And they’re on the rise. The release of Green Moon crypto alongside the rise in other cryptocurrencies’ value seems a little suspicious as well. But that could just be a coincidence.

While we think it’s extremely unlikely that Green Moon will be hitting its $21 million goal anytime soon, it could still be a fun speculative play. And some investors might make some money from it. But with no clear use case, it’s sheerly a gamble at this point. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with bellying up to the poker table if you’ve got a few bucks to lose. If you’re feeling lucky, here’s how to buy Green Moon crypto…

How to Buy Green Moon

Since this is an extremely new token, it’s not traded on any of the major exchanges. But you can find it on the decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap. If you’re somewhat familiar with this exchange, it’s fairly straightforward. Once there, connect your wallet and trade some Binance Coin (BNB) for Green Moon. You’ll just need to enter the contract address: 0x7472E4F397E46eB371Fe4C8E078CFDa46D72415F to find it.

If you’ve never used PancakeSwap before, it can be a little tricky. And there are a few steps worth mentioning.

The easiest way is to start by downloading Trust Wallet to your phone. Once you’ve got that set up, you’ll want to buy something. Your best bet is to type in “BNB” and choose the Smart Chain option. The minimum you can buy is $50. So, keep that in mind. Once that’s squared away, you can choose the (Dapps) button at the bottom of Trust Wallet and open PancakeSwap. Then connect your wallet and search for Green Moon. Once you’ve located it, trade away.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to do this on a desktop computer, it’s a little different. Instead of Trust Wallet, download MetaMask. Once you’ve got that set up, you’ll want to configure it to the Binance smart chain. Then go to the Binance Exchange. Here you’ll buy some BNB and send it off to your MetaMask Wallet. And lastly, you’ll then head to PancakeSwap, connect your wallet and enter the contract address above to purchase Green Moon.

The Bottom Line on Green Moon Crypto

Not to beat a dead horse, but Green Moon crypto is extremely speculative. The founders haven’t shared their identity. And then there’s all the other stuff mentioned above. But for some folks, it’s worth the risk. We took the plunge recently to see what happens – partially to share the details of how to buy Green Moon, partially to justify daydreaming of remarkable riches.

It’s a unique token for sure. And we’re hoping against hope to be able to fund some space adventures of our own one day with our Green Moon earnings. But yea, we’re not counting on it. For a little safer approach, here are some of the best altcoins to consider investing in.

If you’re looking for the next-generation crypto currencies that hold a little more promise and a little less speculation, we suggest signing up for Manward Financial Digest. In it, Andy Snyder helps guide investors to the latest cryptocurrencies set to transform the future. To learn more, all you have to do is enter your email address in the box below.


Matthew Makowski is a senior research analyst and writer at Investment U. He has been studying and writing about the markets for 20 years. Equally comfortable identifying value stocks as he is discounts in the crypto markets, Matthew began mining Bitcoin in 2011 and has since honed his focus on the cryptocurrency markets as a whole. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and lives in Colorado with his dog, Dorito.

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