Healthcare penny stocks can be great penny stocks to buy. For one, they’re in an industry that’s useful. There are so many different problems in the medical field. And when a health and business professional tackles one of them? Usually it’s snapped up and adopted by other medical professionals.

The healthcare field is profitable. There’s lots of room for many companies to grow. There are so many problems to fix and high barriers to entry. It’s easy for companies to monopolize in their own special niche. The health field can also provide safer investments than many industries. It’s a vital industry and products are constantly coming to market.

Although, penny stocks are more volatile than regular stocks. This makes them riskier to invest in. Yes, they can make you an insane amount of money. But also know that you can quickly lose the money you put in. That is, if you don’t know what you’re doing or looking for.

It’s important that you do your own due diligence and decide for yourself if the company’s a good investment or not. I’ve already done some of the homework for you, but it’s important to look further into the companies and stocks.

Below, I’ve outlined the seven top healthcare penny stocks. These are for you to investigate further and maybe put money into for 2021.

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Top Healthcare Penny Stocks

The trading volume is low for some of the stocks listed below. This is important to note as it can make them more difficult to buy and sell. Nonetheless, they still might produce some great returns for investors. All these companies have a return on assets greater than 22%.

Usually, a good ROA is about 2%. Great ROA’s are 20% or better, and these are all even better than that. I plugged those requirements into my stock screener, and these stocks came up as the results. I’ve added the market cap with each company description as well.

No. 7 MariMed Inc. (OTC: MRMD)

As of writing this article, MariMed’s market cap is over $200 million. This might be a great time to jump in on this healthcare penny stock.

MariMed’s 2018 and 2019 saw big price jumps. Since then, the stock has gone much lower. Even better, it is starting to pick back up again. MariMed is a medical marijuana company that’s headed toward expansion and advancement. One of the goals it aims to accomplish is to further medical cannabis research.

No. 6 Stem Cell Authority, Ltd. (OTC: SCAL)

Stem cell therapy can treat many illnesses and pains. Some of the most common with Stem Cell Authority are those in the various joints of the body. These include knees, hips, back and many others.

This stock has had a rough past with a long period of low price. Now, it seems the price is picking up again. There was a recent spike, and the downward correction seems to be slowing.

No. 5 Plant-Based Investment Corp. (OTC: CWWBF)

Plant-Based Investment Corp is an investment company. It caters to the cannabis industry in Canada. This makes it a unique opportunity when it comes to the best healthcare penny stocks.

Its website is launching soon, so that could signal some growth. The stock price crashed down to less than $0.20 in March of 2020, and since then has been picking back up. Plant-Based Investment Corp’s market cap is around $5 million.

No. 4 Intercare DX, Inc. (OTC: ICCO)

Intercare DX develops software products and services. In particular, it specializes in healthcare management and info systems. It deals in telemedicine and point of care solutions.

Over the years, the stock price has been rising. In more recent years, since 2018 or so, the stock has been gaining price momentum. It’s been doing so at a faster rate, and even had a big spike in June of 2021.

Intercare could be a great stock to invest in now because it’s such a low market cap. It also seems to be the beginning of something big with the company’s stock price.

No. 3 Medsmart Group, Inc. (OTC: MSGP)

Another one of the best healthcare penny stocks is Medsmart. It offers services like vein treatment, hair restoration, cryotherapy and helps with diabetes. Moreover, it focuses on men’s anti-aging techniques and regenerative medicine catered to men. It strives for high quality customer service, and a great medical experience.

Medsmart also has goals to become a national chain. It plans to have locations in various areas in Florida, California and New York.

No. 2 Kali, Inc. (OTC: KALY)

Kali, Inc. researches and develops treatments for diseases, illnesses and chronic pain. In the past couple of years, it’s obtained a company with a patented botanical extraction process.

Here’s another way of putting it. Kali now has a patented process where it can take a plant and extract specific items it needs. Then, it can either sell the items or develop them into medical uses for the greater public. Or for sale to other medical companies.

It also can do this with cannabis and CBD. It’s targeting wellness and pharmaceutical markets that are projected to be worth $8.5 billion in annual sales and $50 billion by 2029, respectively.

Kali is one of the smallest companies on this list and as mentioned, the risk is high. But hopefully the reward is as well.

Healthcare Penny Stocks No. 1 HearAtLast Holdings, Inc. (OTC: HRAL)

HearAtLast is a holding company. It buys and holds companies that have to do with hearing and audio. HearAtLast Holdings, Inc.’s market cap is one of the smallest I’ve ever seen at around $5,700. It’s an interesting opportunity but might not be practical or possible to invest in. Although, the trading volume is surprisingly high.

“The Final Words” for Investing in Healthcare Penny Stocks

Healthcare penny stocks can be the next big thing for your portfolio. The health industry has great potential and strong history. It could be wise to keep an eye on penny stocks in the health market. Here are some more investing opportunities as well…

Do your research and due diligence. Make sure the penny stocks above have at least some kind of success. Take a look at the company’s leaders. Decide if they have the right experience to grow a company into something big.

If you find something worth your attention, start digging into the companies’ stock history and sales. When you find a few companies worth putting your money into, you might be very glad you spent those extra hours. You want to make sure the company knows what they’re doing.