Impossible foods stock is in high demand. However, does this meat-alternative business trade on the stock market? Investors are licking their chops as the interest in plant-based meats rises.

The Impossible burger is available in over 15,000 restaurants around the world. In addition, Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) is rolling out its own Impossible sausage breakfast sandwich across the country. As you can see, these protein-packed substitutes are becoming very popular.

Watch out for Impossible Foods stock in the future

Is Impossible Foods Stock Available?

Impossible foods is a privately-held company with a growing list of famous investors. Its most recent round of financing brought in an interesting group of celebrities. Overall, it’s raised over $750 million. The most recent round of financing raised $300 million with the likes of Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Jaden Smith and Trevor Noah becoming investors.

While celebrity investors don’t necessarily mean success, it does show that plant-based alternatives are trending in popular culture. Furthermore, each round of financing shows the company is looking to ramp up its production.

So, it’s privately-held at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Impossible Foods stock isn’t coming in the future. In fact, its main competitor is already available on the market.

Beyond Meat (Nasdaq: BYND) went public in May of 2019 and it’s currently trading for more than $150 a share. It’s been as high as $239.71 since the IPO, but dropped below $50 during the coronavirus outbreak.

Why is Impossible Foods Demand on the Rise?

Now to the question of marketability and the current demand of Impossible Foods. Why are plant alternatives such a massive hit?

For starters, it’s not dripping in grease. The health benefits alone are why it took off in the first place. Yet, the demand continues to rise and for good reason. Has this opened the door for an Impossible Foods stock in the near future?

The coronavirus has presented many industries with new challenges. The food industry is one of them. Meat processing plants and package facilities are struggling to cope with these changes.

Specifically, meatpacking plants around the U.S. have become hot spots for coronavirus outbreaks. This led many consumers to question whether buying meat is a good idea at this moment.

It also raised concerns over the working conditions of these facilities. Why is it becoming so common for processing plants to have outbreaks?

These concerns expand well beyond the U.S. as well. In Germany, a meatpacking company has become the center of a coronavirus outbreak.

What is Next for Impossible Foods?

It’s clear that investors are lining up for Impossible Foods stock to hit the market. But, the company has no plans for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) anytime soon. So, what’s next?

If Millennials and Gen-Z have anything to say about it, plant-based alternatives to meat will become the new norm. Every fast food giant is getting in on the act.

In 2019, it became clear that Impossible Food could not make its burgers fast enough. Therefore, it partnered with a major processing facility to increase its capacity.

Now that Starbucks is joining in on the fun, the sky seems to be the limit. After conquering the burger, Impossible Foods is now looking to make its mark with breakfast.

You know, they do say it’s the most important meal of the day. You aren’t going to want to miss out if and when this booming business goes public.

The Plant-Based Boom is Here to Stay

From Impossible Foods to Beyond Meat, plant and protein alternatives aren’t going anywhere. If anything, the demand will continue to surge well beyond 2020.

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The next big investment opportunity is always one trade away. Keep a close watch on meat substitute companies for the foreseeable future. Impossible Foods stocks may not be as far away as you think.