Investment Experts

Get investment advice from the experts! Below is a list of investment experts we reference in the Investment U e-letter and on this site.

Julia Guth, CEO and Executive Publisher

  • Founder, Investment U

Alexander GreenChief Investment Expert

  • Senior Editor, The Oxford Communiqué
  • Editor, The Insider Alert
  • Editor, The Momentum Alert
  • Editor, Oxford Microcap Trader
  • Author: The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: Get Wise, Get Wealthy… And Get On With Your Life
  • Author: The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters
  • Author: Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life
  • Author: An Embarrassment of Riches: Tapping Into the World’s Greatest Legacy of Wealth

Marc Lichtenfeld, Income Expert

  • Senior Editor, The Oxford Income Letter
  • Editor, Penny Options Trader
  • Editor, Predictive Profits
  • Editor, Technical Pattern Profits
  • Editor, Oxford Bond Advantage
  • Author: Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns
  • Author: You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle Without Getting a Job or Cutting Corners

Matthew Carr, Trends Expert

  • Senior Editor, Oxford Growth Investor
  • Editor, The VIPER Alert
  • Editor, Dynamic Fortunes
  • Editor, Trailblazer Pro

David Fessler, Energy Expert

  • Contributor, Oxford Growth Investor
  • Author: The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy

Nicholas Vardy, ETF Expert

  • Contributor, The Oxford Communiqué

Bryan Bottarelli, Technical Options Expert

  • Senior Contributor, The War Room

Karim Rahemtulla, Fundamental Options Expert

  • Contributor, The War Room
  • Editor, Automatic Trading Millionaire

Andy Snyder, Founder, Manward Press

  • Founder, Manward Financial Press
  • Senior Editor, Manward Letter
  • Editor, Andy Snyder’s Alpha Money Flow
  • Editor, Venture Fortunes