Low float penny stocks can be insanely valuable and lucrative. If you can find some, it pays off to investigate them and consider trading.

Low float penny stocks to invest in.

What Are Low Float Penny Stocks?

Low float penny stocks are those stocks where most shareholders are in the company. If most of the company’s stock is tied up by those who will hold for a long time, the rest of the shares are the low float stocks.

For example, pretend that X Company is publicly listed on the stock exchange. There are 10 million shares. And 80% of those shares are owned by those inside the company.

That translates to 8 million shares. And it’s likely they will be holding long-term. So that leaves 20% to be traded by the public, or 2 million shares.

This dynamic causes the stock to be very volatile. Which makes sense, since there are only a few shares being publicly traded. And this also creates a great opportunity for day traders to make huge profits.

However, low float penny stocks also carry risk. And these penny stocks are all low float. So, that means they are even more volatile and risky. Volatility can be very good. But it can also be very bad if you don’t have a good investing education.

And by education, I mean, you know the risks. You also have experience trading these stocks and are past the phase of letting emotion creep up. You want to have some stock market wins before you take these on.

These can make you phenomenal returns. If you don’t have much experience, keep investing and playing with small amounts of money and less risky picks. Start small and work your way up.

Check out these low float penny stocks. They would likely make great investments or trades.

Best Low Float Penny Stocks

  • Pear Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: PEAR)
  • Blackboxstocks Inc. (Nasdaq: BLBX)
  • Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: CELZ)
  • Stran & Company Inc. (Nasdaq: STRN)
  • Bone Biologics Corp. (Nasdaq: BBLG)
  • Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: VRPX)
  • First Wave Bio Pharma Inc. (Nasdaq: FWBI)

Low Float Penny Stocks to Buy

No. 7 Pear Therapeutics Inc.

Pear Therapeutics is a low float penny stock that offers software to digitally treat major diseases. Think of it like telehealth, but for prescriptions. And it targets major diseases, rather than minor illnesses.

Pear Therapeutics is indeed taking the next steps in this disruptive industry and leading the way.

Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDT) are a new therapy class. There are some larger barriers to entry, which could be great for Pear. They have their own pipeline. Plus, they offer solutions for prevalent conditions like substance abuse, opioid abuse and insomnia.

No. 6 Blackboxstocks Inc.

Blackboxstocks is a low float penny stock that serves as a platform for traders. It offers trading and options software. This software has many tools to help traders make solid decisions, and, of course, make money.

That’s the one thing they do. Help people make money. And they don’t give them that money, they give them an education on investing. Instead of giving them fish, they teach them how to catch the fish for themselves.

The use of AI and predictive technology helps them stand out. Plus, the fact that they’ve integrated social media into the mix is a competitive edge.

No. 5 Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc.

There are still great opportunities for day traders. Sometimes the price more than doubles within a couple days. Even though Creative Medical’s stock is on the downward slope. But of course, it also turns quickly into a bear, too.

This low float penny stock is a biotech company. It uses stem cells to create medicine that lets the patient regenerate areas of their body and heal naturally.

For example, one of their product lines is StemSpine. Say a patient has Degenerative Disc Disease. This likely causes a lot of pain, and probably mobility issues. StemSpine allows patients to use their own stem cells. And then treat that spinal disease.

Creative Medical owns various companies that each address specific issues. And these diseases and issues are usually not given much attention. Which creates an even larger opportunity for growth.

No. 4 Stran & Company Inc.

Stran is a low float penny stock that allows business owners to scale their company. The company offers support for sales, marketing and many other areas of growth. In addition, it serve different industries and Fortune 500 clients.

No. 3 Bone Biologics Corp.

Bone Biologics uses technology to repair bones that have been damaged, including vertebrae. It has its own technology called NELL-1. This harnesses the power of an essential human growth hormone that is needed to build bones.

As they’re finishing up studies in animals, they’ve received approval for human tests in Australia. And after that, there’s a potential to move into the orthodontics market. Which could provide huge growth for Bone Biologics.

No. 2 Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Virpax is a low float penny stock that works in the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, creating solutions to administer non-addictive drugs. They’ve currently got a patent that allows cancer and non-cancer patients to take medicine through the nose.

Plus, other patents for products that will likely do very well in the market. One of those is a topical spray for osteoarthritis. Another is a hydrogel for pain management after surgery. And those are just some of the products Virpax offers.

Low Float Penny Stocks No. 1 First Wave Bio Pharma Inc.

First Wave is still in its clinical stage. But, it’s working to help people with gastrointestinal problems. This low float penny stock is coming up with solutions for cancer, nutritional disease and viral infections. But those are only some of the issues they seek to solve.

First Wave has its own scientific advisory board, which is great to see. It means they are open to other opinions. And they know they can’t do it alone. Just the fact that they have a board like this is a great sign.

On top of that, the advisors they have appointed are useful. They all have many years of real-world experience and success.

Final Thoughts on Low Float Penny Stocks

Penny stocks, but especially low float penny stocks, carry increased risk compared to stocks from more established companies. So even if you’re an experienced investor, remember to do your research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.