Sometimes, an investor needs some new penny stocks to add to their portfolio. It’s not that the other ones aren’t good. But, it does help to explore greener pastures.

So, I’ve found and collected some new penny stocks for you to check out and buy. All these stocks have offered their IPO within the past year. So, you know they’re fresh.

And, even better, the companies themselves may not be brand new. But, the stock is. Some of these companies have some nice solid history behind them.

They all have a net profit margin higher than ten percent. And some have a profit margin of over forty percent. I’ve outlined those specifics below, too.

Penny stocks can be incredibly lucrative if you know what to look for and invest in.

However, Penny stocks, and especially new penny stocks, are very volatile. This means the stock price can go up and down very fast.

Don’t be afraid, prepare yourself. Check out the stock chart. More importantly for a long-hold position, check out the company. Additionally, look at its leadership. And see what it brings to the table. Differentiation is always a good thing. That’s what will make a company succeed quickly.

Go ahead and check out the new penny stocks I’ve outlined below.

New penny stocks to invest in.

New Penny Stocks List to Buy

  • Infobird Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq: IFBD)
  • Sentage Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: SNTG)
  • Global Internet of People Inc. (Nasdaq: SDH)
  • Pop Culture Group Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq: CPOP)
  • RLX Technology Inc. (NYSE: RLX)
  • Home Point Capital Inc. (Nasdaq: HMPT)
  • Grove Inc. (Nasdaq: GRVI)
  • Loandepot Inc. (NYSE: LDI)

Best New Penny Stocks

No. 8 Infobird Co. Ltd.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 25%

Infobird provides CRM software to many different industries. They are a Chinese company. Corporate finance is its main focus. But, it also caters to healthcare, education and other industries. Additionally, it offers SaaS (Software as a Service), so the business model is very scalable.

This is a new penny stock that holds many different qualifications and awards. They have some history behind them, too. And that makes for a successful company.

No. 7 Sentage Holdings Inc.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 40%

Sentage is another Chinese company, and it was founded in 2009. So, also, some good history behind it. This is a new penny stock that offers financial products and services to other companies. Loan repayment and payment network services are a few of their offerings.

In addition, the leadership at Sentage looks great. They have lots of experience and success in other roles, too.

No. 6 Global Internet of People Inc.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 50%

This new penny stock is a platform for new enterprises. It offers mentoring services and a list of others. It was created to help businesses grow and flourish in the market. With such great profit margins, it makes sense that their customers are enterprises.

It appears they help small to medium sized ones, then build them up to become much larger.

No. 5 Pop Culture Group Co. Ltd.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 15%

Pop Culture is a new penny stock that is active in the hip-hop space. They marry hip-hop entertainment with marketing and advertising. Additionally, the company helps with public relations, brand creation and sales. Pop festivals, dance shows and championships are even part of their business model.

But hip hop is not the only industry it serves. Consumer goods, real estate and home furnishings are also some areas it serves.

Starting all the way back in 2013, they’ve received many awards and recognitions over the years.

One of those is the “Top 20 Regional Public Relations Companies in China.” Another recent award they’ve received is the “2017 Chinese Cultural Industry Leading Enterprise”. The more recent one was received from China Business Daily.

No. 4 RLX Technology Inc.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 15%

RLX is an e-vape company. It’s a new penny stock that’s involved in every part of it. All the way down to the scientific research involved. RLX has a mission to be a trusted brand, too. Catering to the Chinese market, the company commits to making sure customers have a high-quality experience.

Recently, they’ve announced a share buyback program. And they’re planning on buying back $500 million worth of shares. This is a great sign of company health.

No. 3 Home Point Capital Inc.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 20%

Home Point specializes in home mortgages. And the company has a mission to make sure homeowners are financially healthy and happy. Leadership at Home Point looks good. The CEO and other major leaders have plenty of experience. Including achievements in their past, and great educations to boot.

Best New Penny Stocks No. 2 Grove Inc.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 10%

Grove Inc. is a new penny stock that grows marijuana. They are involved in creating many products and brands, including oils and vitamins. Grove operates in over 46 countries. It strives to carry out its mission to bring wellness through hemp.

The CEO released a statement as well. In it, he reveals the company has made over $10 million dollars in sales in past years. He is also very optimistic about the company’s growth potential.

And the past year’s growth has supported that theory. Recently, in 2021, Grove announced that it surpassed its goals. In addition, the company predicted a 300% growth for the next quarter.

Best New Penny Stocks No. 1 Loandepot Inc.

Profit Margin Higher Than: 10%

Loandepot sells direct to consumer loans and mortgages. The company even provides mortgages to Major League Baseball. Loandepot is a great new penny stock to have. And that’s because they have great success behind them already.

With over 200 locations around the U.S., and over $275 billion of loans paid out, I’d say they’re doing well.

Loandepot offers several different loan and mortgage products. Including new construction loans and refinancing. And of course, new home purchase. You may want to keep a close eye on this one going forward!