Long-Term Care… on the High Seas?

Here’s your slap for this week. It goes out to the long-term care industry. This one is a killer.

Sometimes it amazes me what a topsy-turvy world we live in. There are days I sit down to write this piece when even I don’t believe some of it. The facts can be ridiculous.

But here’s a slap today that I’ve been sitting on for some time because I know a big percentage of you are not going to believe it.

It starts with one of the not-so-nice aspects of retirement and aging: long-term care facilities.

My better half is a hospice nurse who spends a great deal of her time in these places. Her advice to me is to shoot her before she’s reached that point.

My response is always, “So that’s your plan to get even with me. Get me sent to jail after you’re gone.”

But seriously, I know these facilities are necessary. I know their workers have a job to do. But we all know what they’re like, and they’re not for me. Not if I’m still able to object.

And here comes the good part…

The average cost per day for a private room in a nursing home is $275, or $8,365 per month. The average price per day for a semiprivate room is $245, or $7,441 per month.

That’s what I’m reading. But keep in mind, it depends on your location. Prices vary from about $5,200 per month in Oklahoma to as high as $29,000 in Alaska.

That’s more than $900 a day in Nome, Alaska, to watch it snow most of the year from your window.

But did you know you can live on a cruise ship for as little as $79 per day?

The average total cost per person is higher. It’s $212.80 per day.

But do the math! Even on the low end of the average cost, the nursing home costs more.

And on a cruise ship, you get three meals a day – edible meals. Entertainment every night… escorts to dinner if necessary…

You get room service and linen service, daily, and instead of watching the seasons change from your room, you wake up in a different city almost every day.

And cruise ships accommodate wheelchairs too.

How is this possible? It has to cost more to keep a ship afloat… accommodate, entertain and feed thousands of people… and provide nonstop buffets, a casino and port fees… It goes on and on.

Of course, maybe your idea of entertainment is to sit in a common area room listening to a local guy abuse an accordion. Who knows? It takes all types.

And yes, there is limited medical care onboard these floating nonstop travel centers. So you may not be able to do it to the very end – but in between, what a way to go.

But really, when you compare the costs with what you get, how is this possible?

This isn’t for everybody, but it sure does make you think.

Oh, and cruise ships don’t smell like antiseptics or anything like that…

It’s your money. Spend it where you want.

Good investing,


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